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Sendelta focuses on the comprehensive development of students in and out of the classroom. We work hard to ensure every student is equipped with both the academic and interpersonal skills necessary to achieve their personal dreams and contribute to society. Building upon a solid academic foundation, our program integrates numerous opportunities for students to sharpen key skills essential for success in a competitive globalized world.


1. Academic curriculum

(1) English Proficiency

The Academy offers a wide range of English language courses to solidify students' English language proficiency. Courses are stratified according to level of English proficiency and students are matched to the appropriate course upon enrollment to ensure each enters a course that while challenging enough to foster growth is never overwhelming. Courses incorporate a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts from various periods and genres of English literature as well as appropriate audio-visual examples of English usage in authentic scenarios, all of which provides a supportive environment for developing English language fluency and helps to cultivate in students the habit of thinking in English as their mother tongue.


(2) Critical thinking 

Cultivating critical thinking is a theme that runs throughout the entire curriculum. Through coursework in history, literature, philosophy, public speaking – to name a few –we expose students to a wide range of ideas, methods of thinking, and analytical techniques to stimulate their interest and ability to ask and investigate deep questions for which there are no definitive answers. This practice combined with the logical thinking cultivated in our numerous mathematics and science courses, develops in students the habits of questioning, evidence-gathering, rigorous argumentation and inductive reasoning, all working to build the ability of students to distill issues and raise constructive ideas in the face of varied opinions. 

In short: we develop confident independent thinkers.


(3) Liberal Arts

Liberal arts education in the West dates back to the educational traditions of ancient Greece. In the East, it can be traced back to the “Six Arts” education of the pre-Qin period. Both traditions aim to cultivate people with a broad base of knowledge and culture. In the spirt of these traditions, Sendelta has established study modules in language, the arts, the humanities, science, mathematics and computer science to provide a broad liberal arts education that allows students to build their scientific literacy, connect with their humanistic heritage, cultivate their aesthetic sense and fine-tune their moral sensitivity. This lays the foundation for the student’s continued personal development well into the future. 

 (4) Advanced Placement Program

The Academy offers a broad selection of AP (Advanced Placement) courses developed by the American College Board. These courses give students the opportunity to explore the rigors of authentic, college-level courses and to challenge themselves to achieve under the high standards that such courses demand. The Academy offers more than 20 AP courses from which students can choose to craft their own personalized development pathway. In addition, we also offer even more advanced mathematics and chemistry elective courses that can take the truly superior student to levels even beyond those offered in the AP curriculum.

(5)Innovative and Effective Pedagogy

① Differentiated Teaching

Differentiated teaching and dynamic management reflect Sendelta’s respect for individual differences. We tailor teaching content and the structure of courses to the needs of students at various levels of readiness to ensure that all students can make effective progress in a learning environment that suits them best. The dynamic management of students at all levels helps promote students to develop their strengths, enhance their self-confidence, and encourage forward progress.

② Project-based Learning (PBL)

Project-based learning is another innovation in the teaching methods of the Academy. Within the framework of the total curriculum, we make learning fresh and exciting by embedding projects representing real-life problem-solving. Students learn to analyze challenges and discover how to flexibly apply relevant past knowledge to solve new problems, all while acquiring the experience and courage needed to tackle real-life problems.

At the same time, students learn to work cooperatively in groups to achieve specific goals. Each participant plays an important and active role in the project’s completion and team success results from effective and rational sharing of duties and responsibilities made possible by clear communication and collaboration among teammates. This experience and the skills gained in this process greatly enhance students' communication, collaboration, and teamwork skills.

2. Skill development system

(1) Social Responsibility

Individuals are both products of their societies and the fundamental elements that determine how those societies behave and perform. The Academy’s core mission is to use the education of future generations to effect positive change in the world. Toward that end, we encourage participation in public service and cultivate in students a proper sense of responsibility toward the global community with the hop of molding them into future citizens of the world. 

In that spirit, Sendelta students have launched Internet training lessons in disadvantaged communities, given charity performances, provided care for the “left-behind children” of migrant workers, explored and worked to conserve the cultures of “lost” nationalities, brought public attention to marine discharge, participated in wild animal rescue initiatives, launched research and development projects benefitting the blind, and participated in many other social welfare activities. 

Under the guidance of the Academy, students have become more familiar with the world beyond their homes, its challenges and opportunities, its differing viewpoints and their resulting conflicts, and its extraordinary cultural, environmental, and economic diversity. As they become more aware, Sendelta students’ desire to become more active in effecting positive change in the world only grows.

(2) Communication & Cooperation

Good communication and collaboration skills are a must for professional success and are therefore key skills developed in every Sendelta student. We encourage an atmosphere of diverse and interactive extracurricular activities, including mock presidential campaigns, event planning exercises, group debates, model associations, business competitions, and other group activities. Through these exercises, students experience first-hand the truism that we can all learn from each other and are able to experience the power of effective collaboration for the achievement of a common goal. 

(3) Leadership

A good leader not only achieves his own success, but also helps others achieve success. In this day and age, every student has the potential to be the leader of a team, an industry or even of a society. At Sendelta, we encourage students to challenge themselves to be good leaders in a variety of ways: spearheading research projects, serving as club leaders, being active members of the Student Union, serving as role models and advisors to newly admitted students, or even marshalling school resources to help address a problem in their local community.

(4) Personal Fulfillment

Everyone possesses his or her own unique talents. Here we not only encourage students to explore the outside world but also to explore themselves and discover their unique interests and abilities in order to constantly transcend their limits and improve. 

The Academy provides students with a variety of platforms and resources to accomplish these goals and also welcomes new ideas and contributions from each class of students to further expand on this wealth of opportunities. In seeking to fulfill their personal interests and leave their mark on the world, Sendelta students have embarked on numerous charitable, creative, and scientific projects around the world. A few examples of recent past projects include: 

  • They formed the Hoh Xil Tibetan Antelope Protection Team

  • Produced numerous short films

  • Formed a robotics team to compete in the United States, Mexico, the Netherlands, Singapore, etc.

  • Sent a delegation to participate in nutrition experiments at Harvard University. 

On the pathway to growth, each student is afforded the greatest possible support as they complete their metamorphosis into a smarter and more compassionate global citizens.

3. One-on-One Coaching 

The Academy provides one-on-one academic planning for parents and students in concert with guidance counselors to help them effectively plan for their future. These consultations begin in the first months of every students’first year.

One-on-one planning helps students understand how to develop appropriate high school goals by breaking down their ultimate academic goals (their “dream schools”) into shorter-term goals that are achievable and measurable. For upperclassmen, we guide course selection based on each student’s specific interests and abilities, to ensure the maximum fulfillment of future academic prerequisites.

One-on-one coaching also helps students unearth their special interests and clarify them into a workable extracurricular activities plan.

The one-on-one coaching and planning not only helps the academy’s graduates achieve laudable academic accomplishments, but also, through carefully selected extracurricular activities, greatly enhances their self-confidence and independence as they mature into young adults.

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