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In 2017, drawing inspiration from the most successful examples from its over 700 graduates, Sendelta launched its gifted and talented program, formally known as Alpha Class. This unique group of “little geniuses” brings together some of the most intelligent, hardworking, and talented students in China, with the aim of opening up a new “high road” approach to education, featuring new teaching modes that provide far-reaching development to propel these elite students forward into the top ten universities in the United States and elsewhere.


Features of the Alpha class

1. Challenging Curriculum

First-year Alpha class students begin their time at the Academy in above-average courses, normally taken in the second or third year of study by other students. Additionally, Alpha students are also granted access to AP-level courses immediately and usually take at least two in their first year.


In their subsequent years of study, Alpha students have no limits on the total number of AP courses they may select in any given year. Four AP courses (AP Macroeconomics, AP Microeconomics, AP Physics C: Mechanics, AP Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism), commonly taught as year-long courses individually, are combined into two intensive year-long courses in economics and physics, respectively, for Alpha students.


Two special advanced-level courses that push beyond AP-level (thus equivalent to sophomore college-level difficulty) are also open to Alpha students: Organic Chemistry and Multivariable Calculus.


2. Individual Research Project

The Alpha class core curriculum includes an independent research project, in which each student entering the Alpha class embarks on an individual research project under the guidance of a personal mentor. As upperclassmen, students go on to complete their research, write a senior thesis which they explain in a public presentation. In researching their thesis, students further develop their scientific spirit, experience independent exploration, and develop clear argumentation skills in the pursuit of truth.


3. Cutting-edge Academic Support

Sendelta has assembled a top team of domestic and international visiting scholars to support the independent research work of our most promising students. At the invitation of the Academy, members of this group of renowned experts welcome our students into their labs, advise them on individual research projects, and offer invaluable advice on future college and career plans, all in the spirit of “a better self for a better society”.

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