Heart and Star Club won the honorary title of 'Global Outstanding Club

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Heart and Star Club won the honorary title of 'Global Outstanding Club': As a club, we are serious.


Heart and Star Club won the honorary title of 'Global Outstanding Club

After four months of brilliant competition, Heart and Star Club emerged from more than 600 associations through voting, video submission, joint proposal and professional reply. They were affirmed by international education experts such as the University of Chicago, Princeton University and Columbia University on the spot of the finals, and eventually won the honorary titles of 'National TOP30' and 'Global Outstanding Club'. With creativity, professionalism and enthusiasm, the students of Heart and Star Club show the charm and charm of our community to the whole world.


01 They are 'children from the stars'


There are a group of people who we call 'children from stars': they have bright eyes but do not want to look at each other, have a voice like a bell but remain silent, have healthy hearing but are deaf to the whole world, like stars in the night sky. Yes, they are autistic children.

Data show that the number of autistic patients in China may have exceeded 10 million, including more than 2 million children aged 0-14. This figure means that there is one autism star per 100 children. They closed the door of communication with the outside world, and the heart and the planetary community opened the window of social care for them.

 Heart and Star Club won the honorary title of 'Global Outstanding Club

Picture: China Educational Television CETV1 News Network reported on the competition


02 the fate of meeting Heart and Star Club


The academy has a history of focusing on autistic children: Xu Shengnan, a graduate from Top8 Duke University in 2015, Yang Yilin, a graduate from Top8 Duke University in 2016, and Zhou Xinbei, a graduate from Top12 Colby College in 2017, all led the academy. Today, Heart and Star Club continue to move forward with the same beliefs and goals. Heart and Star Club: Our hearts move forward with these autistic children from the stars.


Yang Shiming (G11C1), one of the two presidents of Heart and Star Club, began to pay attention to this group as early as junior high school. He knew that autism was very difficult to cure and hoped to do his best to help children. Mi Chen Ying (G11C2), the other president, because her uncle's friend's child is autistic, but the parents mistakenly think that the child is only because of mental retardation and neglected to guide him, eventually leading to the miss of the best treatment time, which buried a seed in her heart. Xu Ziqin (G10C2), a member who is very interested in psycho medicine, accidentally discovered that his relatives' children suffered from autism. He observed the autism patient in a few days during the holidays at his children's home. He felt that as a student who loves psychology, he should do something for this special group of children and decided to join the ' Heart and Star Club '.... Now there are more than 70 members of the community. Everyone has different stories from autism and the community, but their original intention is the same: to make more people understand autism and pay attention to it.


Heart and Star Club won the honorary title of 'Global Outstanding Club

Picture: Heart and Star Club set up the sign of the club design; the members insist on giving lessons to the children from Monday to Thursday every week. Every time after class, they have a meeting to summarize the progress and shortcomings of the day.


03 It's not easy to find cooperation between rehabilitation centers for autistic children


Last summer, when other students were in the air-conditioned room to enjoy their holidays in the scorching sun, a few 'road fools' were on the way to find cooperation with rehabilitation centers. Most of these special children's rehabilitation centers are located in remote areas such as Bao'an. The distance from school and the time spent in community classes have become the primary consideration of community members. They spend almost a whole summer vacation looking for suitable rehabilitation centers.


Yang Shiming recalled the sweat that time: 'Four or five families were directly refused, one or two were not volunteers, one or two were politely refused after the talks, only one or two were successful, and the last one or two were combined with the journey time.' Even if there are many difficulties in the process, the results are satisfactory. For the first time, communication and cooperation with such large rehabilitation centers, for the first time without the help of parents and teachers, has taken an important step forward between Heart and Star Club.


Heart and Star Club won the honorary title of 'Global Outstanding Club

Picture Matching: The members who first contact with autistic children need to make adequate preparations before class. Teachers and parents give positive comments on our performance.


04 This is not only a community activity, but also a responsibility.


Because of the particularity of autistic children, it is difficult to get in touch with outsiders, so the teachers of the Institute require members to go to the center every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for four consecutive weeks, which is conducive to establishing relationships with the children. Therefore, for 'Heart and Star' members, they go there constantly not only because of interest to participate in the community, but also means that these children ask for their responsibility - once started, they must continue to insist.


Heart and Star Club won the honorary title of 'Global Outstanding Club

Picture assignment: The members have different groups and division of labor. Children need to be guided to complete tasks in order to exercise their coordination and attention.


05 Every member of the community is trying and growing.


Children with autism have the characteristic of being unable to concentrate when talking to others. Children ignore everything around them. Every child behaves differently, some often make behavior that others may not understand, or having language development disorder, unable to communicate with the language or to express their own meaning in an effective way. ' Once a time when a kid started crying because his mother left for a while, the scene became irremediable, and other children began to cry together, and the whole music class was in disorder. Students do not know what to do except for being anxious. Finally, with the help of counseling teachers, they successfully carrying out the previous volunteer activities. Mi Chenying recalled.


In the past few teaching sessions, the members were somewhat confused. Fortunately, the teachers in the rehabilitation center helped them understand the personality characteristics of each child, and after class, they patiently summarized the progress and shortcomings of the day together with their classmates. With the joint efforts, the members made rapid progress. After several classes, they were able to get along with the children smoothly. At the beginning, the club members were embarrassed to communicate with their children. Later, they can take the initiative to play musical instruments and play games with their children. The growth and changes of the members are obvious to everyone.


Heart and Star Club won the honorary title of 'Global Outstanding Club

Picture: The children were very resistant to communicate with strangers. Our volunteer action lasted for nearly a year. We slowly opened our hearts and built up deep feelings with the children.


06 Let more people support ' Heart and Star Club'


In addition to organizing members to volunteer in the cooperative rehabilitation center in the regular community classes, we will also hold football training camps on weekends. At the school New Year's Eve party, there was a bazaar on autistic children's paintings. At that time, more than 50 paintings created by children were sold out. Many parents and teachers agreed with what we did and hoped that we could bring help to more children.

More schools in some areas are aware of the lack of awareness of autism in the region, and will invite our community to go to the school for publicity and communication. The president of Shenzhen Kangning Hospital, a well-known hospital, also agreed to cooperate with our community, sending experts from time to time to discuss and popularize some new knowledge and cases with us. We are grateful for the support from all walks of life, so that we have full confidence in the future development of the community.


For the future development of the community, we plan to raise funds for autistic children online and donate them to families in need of rehabilitation centers; and we plan to expand the popularity and influence of the community next year, make speeches and publicity in major universities throughout the country, contact public welfare service institutions and hospitals to reach cooperation, in order to help autistic children to get more understanding and professional help. In the finals, we put forward the project Daylight, which is to build an exhibition hall for autistic children. We plan to use the funds from sponsorship and other associations to carry out activities while giving speeches to realize this idea. We expect to establish it as a pilot project in Shenzhen and Shanghai, and then develop it to other cities.


Heart and Star Club won the honorary title of 'Global Outstanding Club

Picture: We have a football training camp on the weekend. Parents and children participate in interesting football games.


07 Thanks to 'Heart and Star Club' for making me a better self


'I was very relaxed when I went to the competition, but I was very nervous when I gave a team speech. Later, I became more confident when I became familiar with the Organizing Committee and the contestants off the stage. When I entered 6 defenses in 30, I was the first one to defend. Finally, I was very happy to get the fourth place of the National Social Service Association' - Xu Ziqin.


'In this community, I have more opportunities to communicate with people. I used to be afraid to speak in public, but in the process of running the club, I had many opportunities to exercise. Whether in the initial recruitment of the club, or in the regular meeting of the club, or even in the competition, I always had the initiative to contact strangers and try to speak in public'--Mi Chenying


' Thanks to Mr. Xiao Qi, who put forward the idea of founding a club, during my tenure as President of Heart and Star Club, my planning, communication and coordination abilities have made great progress. Because of the Heart and Star Club, I have improved a lot in all aspects of my activities. Thank you for the TC Club Competition, which not only made me know many excellent students all over the country, but also trained my public speaking ability. -- Yang Shiming

 Heart and Star Club won the honorary title of 'Global Outstanding Club

Picture Matching: Heart and Star Club as representatives of the community, carried out a charity sale to publicize their children's paintings. All the paintings were sold out that evening. Parents and teachers greatly praised our community.


08 The whole society gives them more attention and care


We are not simply accompanying, all we do is to let these children grow up to be able to take care of themselves, to have the basic ability to survive in this society. People don't pay enough attention to and understand autism, so today we should not only care for and accompany children, but also try to popularize relevant knowledge and enhance the public's concern and care for autistic children, so as to help them get a better life and future. When everyone can devote their love, take the initiative to understand and publicize autism knowledge, as well as make caring activities a daily life, it will certainly change the fate of more autistic children, who have the right and opportunity to enjoy life with us!

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