The Youth leadership' - Former Prime Minister of Greece Visited SIA!

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On December 21, 2018, Greece's former prime minister, former 'political fighter', vice chairman of the advisory board of the Northern International Iniversity Alliance, co-founder of Project - Agora - Mr. George Andrei Papandreou visited SIA and brought our students a wonderful speech themed 'Youth Leadership'.


The Youth leadership '- Former Prime Minister of Greece Visited SIA!

Prime Minister George comes from a family of political bellwedges. His grandfather, Georgios Papandreou, was prime minister for three times and his father, Andreas Georgiou Papandreou, was prime minister twice and founded the Pasok.

George Papandreou, now President of the Socialist International, had been Foreign Minister, Minister of Education and Religious Affairs, a visiting scholar at Harvard University, studied at the London School of Economics and Political Science, and received honorary doctorate degree in law. Many years of overseas study experience, as well as the diverse backgrounds of law, education, diplomacy and religion, have brought up Prime Minister George's highly inclusive global vision and outstanding leadership style of humanistic care. He is quite different from other politicians who tend to be antagonistic and competitive. He was elected as Prime Minister of Greece in 2009.

At his later years, this political power tend to education and the youth, with the years of precious life experience. Prime Minister George hopes that more Chinese teenagers will be exposed to the wisdom of the world's leading edge, and on the basis of self-understanding, not following the crowd, stick to the original heart to become themselves, diligently transcend themselves, and then contribute to the development of China and the world.


His excellency George Papandreou, now in his mid-seventies, came to Shenzhen, China, to talk about his own story and tell our students at SIA how to understand the word 'leadership' in the real world.


The Youth leadership '- Former Prime Minister of Greece Visited SIA!

In his lecture, his excellency George Papandreou stressed that 'our modern society needs young people to have leadership, and real leadership is to inspire peers, which is a deeper influence, and only by building loving relationships can we succeed.' The leadership here is not the command on the superficial level, but rather when you enter a team, you can let everyone play their ability, to attract and integrate. This is what every child who participates in 'teamwork, social relationships' should have.

Teenagers who are from the most only-child family normally lack teamwork spirit and the examination-oriented education in school has left many children with only competitive mentality but no ability to cooperate with other people. SIA encourages our students to set up student clubs, and so far we have established and operated more than 40 clubs. The adademy also supports and assists our students to carry out a variety of community activities, so that thry can exercise their sense of teamwork and strengthen social relations in the community activities.


The Youth leadership '- Former Prime Minister of Greece Visited SIA!

Young people in the 21st century will face more arduous challenges. In the era of rapid development of information, those who do not have the ability to process information quickly will encounter problems and confusion. So can we do? His excellency George Papandreou, drawing on his own experience and experience in government, said:' When I was a leader, I was always confused, but I couldn't run away, neither could you. We should keep listening and learning, to seek cooperation. No leader can lead a country by himself. You can all be future leaders if u know how to cooperate with other people.'


The Youth leadership '- Former Prime Minister of Greece Visited SIA!

The cultivation of logical thinking and critical thinking is an important part of SIA training system. Our students can exercise their logical thinking and critical thinking through the American interactive class combining theory and practice, critical reading and participating in various international competitions, and develop their leadership ability at the same time. The cultivation of leadership is to learn to cooperate and allow different ideas to exist. Power does not necessarily come from authority. Good ideas do not necessarily come from leaders. His excellency George Papandreou encouraged our students to build common values and common dreams, strive to improve themselves and become important members on the world stage in the future. He also hopes and encourages our students to become future leaders.


The Youth leadership '- Former Prime Minister of Greece Visited SIA!

The Youth leadership '- Former Prime Minister of Greece Visited SIA!

The Youth leadership '- Former Prime Minister of Greece Visited SIA!

(photo: after the lecture, H.E. George Papandreou had a cordial talk with the students of SIA in the conference room.)


At the end of the visit, his excellency George Papandreou commented on the performance of our students at SIA. He praised the students for their excellent foreign language skills, active and open mind and unique experience. His excellency George Papandreou encouraged the students to take a look at the outside world, which would help them better understand what it means to be Chinese. 'Being aware of the parts of Chinese culture that you cherish can help you become an ambassador for the spread of Chinese culture and other cultures.' We hope that our students will have more chances to talk about the world, have an in-depth understanding of the whole picture of the world, focus on world peace and development, to become a wise person, and a real leader of themselves and the world.

The Youth leadership '- Former Prime Minister of Greece Visited SIA!

The Youth leadership '- Former Prime Minister of Greece Visited SIA!

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