A-class Canteen, Students and Faculty Eat Healthily

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Recently, food safety problem in an international school in Shanghai has aroused parents’concerns on the food quality issue all across our country.

Food in our school canteen is reliable?

Is canteen food nutritious enough for kids?

Do kids have enough meals in the campus?

All questions above can be summarized into one:

What about our school canteen?

A-class Canteen, Students and Faculty Eat Healthily

(a Shanghai International school used decayed tomatoes as food ingredient)

Youngyuan Experimental School-based Sendelta International Academy has an A-class (the highest level in Shenzhen) canteen that consists of food processing area, kitchen, cleaning room and food preparing room etc. Everyday,Shenzhen Education Bureau will commission a third party to check the food ingredients and give food safety report, supervising standard hygienic practices of food preparation, including inhibiting decayed food ingredients, wearing canteen work suit, cleaning and preparing ingredients in the most proper way. In addition, Central Camera Television System are installed to monitor every step of meal preparation. Food leftovers will be dealt with all together in an environmental friendly way guaranteeing a hygienic canteen environment.

A-class Canteen, Students and Faculty Eat Healthily

(dishes in our canteen)

There are three floors in the canteen, the 1st, 2nd and 4th floor, offering food, including porridge, noodles, rice, soup, dishes and snacks etc. To provide enough nutritious food for students, the canteen offers four meals per day, affording meals during night classes in addition to breakfast, lunch and supper so that students can have enough to eat while concentrating on their academic learning. Daily menus are posted over the food counters in the canteen hall and carefully designed to strike a balance between vegetables and meats since a nutritious and balanced diet is a prerequisite for students’ health and study.

A-class Canteen, Students and Faculty Eat Healthily

(meals in the canteen)

Since the canteen was built, the school principal, the faculty and students have been sharing the same high-standard meals under strict and timely supervision. The Parents Committee of Sendelta International Academy also lay much emphasis on the canteen management, receiving a lot of support from parents and students.


Make parents and society satisfied

High hygienic standard guarantees health

Ever increasing food service and management

Most reliable A-class canteen provides healthy and safety food for faculty and students!


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