The visit of admissions officers from Minerva university

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In this era of continuous innovation, integration and transformation, all walks of life are constantly adjusting to meet the needs of the times and guide the trend of the times.  Education has also begun to attempt to make various changes. There is a soil, curious and moon exploring school in China, America has Altschool, High Tech High and Minerva.


Today we will share with you the information provided by the school representative of Minerva University in China when visiting SIA.




The picture shows Ms. Mo Shucao, the representative of Minerva University in China, introducing Minerva University to the students of SIA.


At the beginning Ms. Mo sheared her application experience 10 years ago with the students. As a beautiful young lady, she also did extremely well in study , getting full scholarship form Duke as well as being accepted by Stanford and Connell to earn a bachelor degree . As a matter of fact, she received a Master's degree in Art Education from Harvard University and a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy and Politics from Duke University as an Honorary Graduate of Duke University. The reason why she chose Duke was because scholarship program made her feel the warmth of having the chance to be one-on-one with top professors. After entering the school, it gave her  the opportunity to go to Berlin and Oxford as an exchange student, the experience broadened her horizon.


Now, combined with her personal experience, she explains to the students why Minerva University attracts her.

The existence of Minerva



Ms. Mo opened the introduction by giving two examples of Moral Dilemma, Minerva is the only university in the United States that systematically applies cognitive science, redefines university courses and educational models, and teaches students “practical knowledge” so that they can adapt to a changing world.


Ms. Mo analyzed the four-year gradient of Minerva University and emphasized that students in Minerva already had a certain ability in computer coding before the they came in.


Active Learning & Global Experience



“Minerva’s education is a brain surgery.” Ms. Mo quoted the founder of Minerva (note: founder Dr. Stephen Kosslyn, former head of social science at Harvard University, director of the Stanford Center for Behavioral Science) to tell to us about how Minerva students learn proactively , which is achieved through its unique online active learning system. Every student must know the relevant memory knowledge before class. They can doing some reading or go to see MOOCs. But in class, they have to participate in the discussion. Each student has at least 75% participation rate in the whole class.



The immersive global experience allows education to “drift far”. Ms. Mo gives two small examples for students who study physics to apply their knowledge to different fields such as sociology and humanities. Minerva will also invite local companies or institutions in seven cities to challenge students, students will do all kinds of tests, and make assumptions, and do their best to provide implementable solutions based on their own knowledge. Not only that, she also listed the internship with Minerva:



Is (not) your choice


Minerva has the world's lowest admission rate of all universities, and since 2014, there have been more and more applicants. Everyone wants to know if Minerva is their dream school. Ms. Mo reminded the students that Minerva is looking for “Fisherman”. In addition to being in San Francisco for 8 months, students will go to a new city every four months. The purpose of this process is. for students to “looking for comfort when they are uncomfortable”. That is, “Looking for balance by breaking the imbalance.'



When a student asks 'What criteria does Minerva use to select students?'


Ms. Mo mentioned their unique application system, the steps to apply for the system: 1) who you are, 2) how you think, 3) what your results are, and a round of interviews.

She mentioned that applicants do not have to submit SAT or TOEFL test results, Minerva's tuition is only one-third of those Ivy League universities, and it will not look at the student's family background, nationality and so on.





Minerva's mission is to “Cultivate Key Wisdom for the World”, initiated by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs in the United States, and received the largest funds in Silicon Valley – this is the famous Minerva project, this is the famous Minerva project. It is known as the 'Internet University' and is currently the world's lowest admission rate university.


Upcoming Events



March 15, 2018 (Thursday) 16:30

Admissions Officer, University of Rochester and New York University, Abu Dhabi

Visit SIA

All parents are welcome

Registration number: 400-666-5203

18948773721 Mr.Li



March 18, 2018 (this Sunday) 14:00

SIA Open Day

Venue: No. 11, Anzhen Avenue, Guanhu Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen

Registration number: 400-666-5203

18948773721 Mr. Li

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