Dartmouth College Meetup | Why a university call itself college?

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达特茅斯学院见面会 | 明明是一所University,却自称为College?


The 249-year-old Dartmouth College is one of the eight Ivy League schools, and it ranks11th in American Universities according to 2018U.S.News. Even though its admissions in China has been very 'squeaky', it is still a lot of Chinese students’ dream school.

What kind of university is Dartmouth College?

What conditions does it require for students?

Are you good enough to be a member of it?

In SIA, we will demystify this university will admissions officers from Dartmouth College.


Mr. Zholl R. Tablante, Dartmouth College Admissions Officer, visited SIA to give a detailed explanation of Dartmouth College's curriculum, teaching features and application requirements for the teachers, students and parents.


Dartmouth College is located in Hanover, New Hampshire, and is close to the famous agricultural and pastoral areas of Vermont and New Hampshire. The food there is fresh and nutritious. The natural environment around Dartmouth College is very beautiful, with the famous Connecticut River and the surrounding mountains. Sports activities in the college are very popular, especially skiing in winter and boating in summer.

达特茅斯学院见面会 | 明明是一所University,却自称为College?


One of the eight Ivy League schools

Dartmouth College is one of the world's top Ivy League schools. One of its distinguishing feature s is that it is a university, but it calls itself College.

达特茅斯学院见面会 | 明明是一所University,却自称为College?


Dartmouth sees itself as a College is not groundless: the teacher-student ratio is 1:7, nearly 70% of the classes are small classes, and it attaches great importance to cultivate versatile students. Its undergraduate education often competes with Princeton over the top place on the list of US News.  


On the other hand, Dartmouth is a true university although it is small, it has rich teaching resources and great strength. Dartmouth College ranks 8th in the nation's top research universities, and when it comes to 'student satisfaction,' it ranks second in the nation, second only to Princeton.

Dartmouth Plan

Dartmouth has its own semester system called D-Plan, the Dartmouth Plan. There four semesters in a school year. Apart from the third year in which students must choose the summer semester. Students only need to choose three semesters per year, and the fourth semester is left to the students themselves to decide how to spend it. Zholl thinks that this is very good system. Dartmouth students often learn with great interest. The extra semester allows students to do things they want other than study. In terms of applying for an intern, most American students will seek internships during the summer or winter vacation, but Dartmouth students can have internships in the spring or fall, with greater freedom.

达特茅斯学院见面会 | 明明是一所University,却自称为College?

Rich exchange program

On this basis, Dartmouth offers a rich exchange program for students. The exchange programs are divided into three major categories. Their duration is generally one semester, and available in four semesters. The three major categories are the Domestic Exchange Program (DEP), the Foreign Study Program (FSP), and the Language Learning Program (LSP). The domestic exchange program is done with  other schools in the United States. The foreign study projects are to study in different countries outside the United States, to feel different cultures in other countries. It is worth mentioning that Dartmouth’s teachers will follow the students in the past. That is to say, even in a foreign country, you can still accept Dartmouth's high quality education.

 达特茅斯学院见面会 | 明明是一所University,却自称为College?

Interaction between admissions officers and students in SIA


Winter skiing, summer boating

Having said Dartmouth's unique learning activities, I have to mention Dartmouth's sports culture. Thanks to the school’s own geographical environment, students can row a boat in the Kanghe River in summers. Jus imagine the deep blue Kang River, the wide river surface, the long distant mountain peaks, the greenery of the campus, the star-studded ships, and occasionally the glimpse of the campus hidden in the green, quite petty bourgeoisie, all of these scenes are so appealing. Although the summer time is very good, the students in Dartmouth seem to prefer the winter. As the saying goes, ' six months a year is winter in Dartmouth .' In winters, the students go back to ski. During the Spring and Autumn Period, students are more inclined to go hiking and camping to be closer to nature. And it also strengthens the brotherhood between students. It is also the embodiment of Dartmouth's tenacity.

达特茅斯学院见面会 | 明明是一所University,却自称为College?


Famous graduates

Dartmouth College's famous graduates include: American politician Daniel Webster, who served twice as US Secretary of State; Gosell Suzie, author of the famous children's book 'Dr. Suss'; former US Vice President Nelson Rockefeller ;General Electric CEO; China Alumni include famous scholars, husband of Bing Xin Wu Wenzao; Phoenix TV host Zeng Zimo; Bentley Group China General Manager Zhang Yi, Lenovo Group Chief Strategy Officer Cuong Do, Sina Chief Operating Officer Lin Xinhe, etc. .

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