A Sendelta alumna, who enrolled in Connell. takes part in the design of the campus to show her grati

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“Being able to participate in the design of the new campus is a very memorable and worthwhile thing to do. In fact, Sendelta already has a professional design team, I am just a student , so I really appreciate the opportunity my alma mater gives me to learn from those professionals.”

——Zhu Yuzhen

When our graduate of 2015 Zhu Yuzhen ,who now studies sign at Connell, heard that the new campus was under construction, she excitedly joined the design team. She feels that being able to participate in the design of the new campus is a very memorable and worthwhile thing to do. Despite the fact that she is in America having to take into account the heavy studies at Cornell University, she has always been paying attention to the process of the construction, combined with the experience of study and work, she has given many valuable suggestions in the meeting of preparation. During her summer break, she came home to see her parents, former head teacher and classmates, and shared her stories with us.   


Grew up in a “family of computer”, she chose to learn design

Everyone jorks that Zhu Yuxi is a child who grew up in a 'computer family', her parents studied computer science at college and work in related fields, and many of her relatives are the same. Therefore she grew up in a strong 'computer' atmosphere and of course had more opportunities and resources to learn computer science than others. But surprisingly, she did not choose to continue the 'family tradition' , instead, she decided to forge a new path to learn architectural design.


Speaking of the original intention of choosing architectural design, Zhu said, 'I like the rigor of science, the speculation of social science, and the creativity of art., architectural design combines these three. My parents are open-minded people, they respect and support my choice.”


Because of the interest in architectural design, When Zhu entered the Experimental High School, she had the idea of studying at a US university. She is very grateful for the support of her parents as well as the opportunities Sendelta gave her to learn and grow. Finally, she could enter Cornell University as she wished to study her favorite architectural design major.



Wonderful moments at Connell University

Cornell University has a history of 153 years. As one of the eight Ivy League schools in the United States, the campus is full of academic atmosphere. It has had 56 Nobel Prize winners and is an elite hall that countless Chinese students want to enter.


▲ Cornell University


Zhu recalls that when she first arrived at Cornell University, she was curious about everything. She is constantly sharing her interesting stories at Cornell University. She just can’t stop sharing her interesting stories at Cornell University, such as the Dragon Day of architecture department: At that time, all our freshmen spent a whole week, collectively making a huge dragon. The funding for making the dragon came from our sale of our own Dragon Day T-shirts. After purchasing the materials, we designed, welded and inkjet, and eventually made a huge dragon. Finally, when we put the dragon on the campus, it attracted a lot of attention. Everyone came to watch and took photos. The campus is very lively and that is basically the most influential traditional activity on campus....



▲ Students’ self-made 'huge Dragon'


In here, Zhu makes friends with students from all over the world, and learns from the most knowledgeable professors in the world. For her, studying at an American universities is not only for the purpose of the accumulation of knowledge, but also the transformation of personality and the broadening of vision.


Overseas Study Tour in Italy

The students of architectural department of Cornell University spend a whole semester of their third year in Rome, Italy. During the period in Rome, as well as learning some historical knowledge such as architectural history in the classroom, students went to the streets of Rome to experience the history of historical architecture. In addition to Rome, they can also visit Milan, Venice, Florence and other famous Italian cities to study. Besides, students have the opportunity to go to some famous museums, art galleries and meet masters in Italy to learn. While learning the architectural knowledge, they also cultivate artistic creation and aesthetics, so that they have a more unique perspective to do architectural design. While learning the architectural knowledge, it cultivates their ability of art creation and appreciation, allowing them to have a more unique perspective to do architectural design.



Zhu is about to enter the senior year, and she will be busy with graduation design and graduation internship. This participation in the design to the new campus of Sendelta will actually become an unforgettable experience for her. She modestly says, ‘I am still a student. I didn’t help much compared to the team of professional designers. She is gratified to see more and more students are benefit from the rigorous and practical academic training system of Sendelta, and be able to enter famous American universities as they wish. She hopes that Sendelta will take advantage the new campus, and continue to work hard to help more students realize their dreams of going to elite  universities of United States to achieve our ultimate goal of “becoming the best American middle school in China”.

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