2018 University Admission List of Sendelta Students

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2018 Embark on A New Journey

2018 is a special year for Sendelta International Academy:

Students from Sendelta Alpha Class took classes lectured by Nobel Prize winners in Harvard and MIT

Establishing the Junior High School Department offering a complete American high school education system and top-notch education resources

Initiating the Ten Million Scholarship Program enrolling prominent students all across our country

Excellent Harvard graduate returned to Sendelta and worked as the Director of Education Administration Office focusing on teaching quality and living up to his original aspiration in education

The faculty and all our students have been looking forward to moving into our new campus



2018 University Admission List

In 2018, the number of American University undergraduate applicants has hit record-breaking high leading to dwindling admission rates in general and making competition among applicants become increasingly fierce. As the first choice of many Chinese students,in this“difficult application season 2018”, Sendelta graduates have achieved fantastic university admission results and below is the detailed information.


American University/College Admission

1. Sendelta Experiment Class students’ admission rates of American TOP10, TOP30 and TOP40 university or college are 11.11%,55.56% and 100% respectively, winning the first place among international high schools in Guangdong province for the sixth consecutive year.

2. American TOP30, TOP50 and TOP100 university or college admission rates of students with score no less than 420 in Guangdong Senior High School Entrance Exam are 42.11%, 80% and 100% accordingly.

3. American TOP50 and TOP100 university or college admission rates of students with score less than 420 in Guangdong Senior High School Entrance Exam are 43.48% and 100% respectively.

American Art College Admission

Sentdelta students have already received offers from top American art colleges, such as School of the ART Institute of Chicago, Maryland Institute College of Art, Pratt Institute, School of Visual Arts, Manhattan School of Music and New England Conservatory of Music etc.

Other Prestigious Universities or Colleges Around the World

In addition to American universities or colleges, Sendelta students also have been admitted by prestigious universities or colleges all over the world, such as University of British Columbia, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Dalhousie University etc.



2018 University Admission List of Sendelta Students 

(admission list in updating)


Eight Years International Education with Phenomenal Achievements

It has been the 8 years since the foundation Sendelta International Academy, which has cultivated 715 excellent graduates who have been admitted to top universities all over the world in the past 6 years. We, hereby, extend our respect and gratitude to those who care about and support the development of Sendelta.

Passing on the education belief with determination and dedication, in 2011, Dr. Alex Liu,  the founder of the Sendelta International Academy & the professor and doctoral supervisor in the American University,initiated the AP class in Shenzhen Experimental School Senior High School, introducing top-notch American education system and teaching resource, which help our students win offers from top universities abroad with the highest American TOP10, TOP30 and TOP50 university and college admission rates in Guangdong Province for the sixth consecutive year.

With hard efforts and dedication, the success of Shenzhen Experimental School Senior High School AP class is not an incident. Sendelta has established successful cooperation with Shenzhen Hongling Middle School, Shenzhen Experimental School Middle School Department, Shenzhen High School of Science, Guangdong Experimental High School, Zhuhai No.1 Middle School and Changsha University Of Science & Technology etc. and is helping more and more students enter into prestigious universities globally. Sendelta is a key that opens gates of top universities in the U.S.A. and beyond assisting numerous students being admitted to their dream schools.

2018 University Admission List of Sendelta Students

Keeping moving forward with its original aspiration, Sendelta, labeled with three key words “8 years of international education”, “6 batches of graduates”and “715 graduates” is quite extraordinary and outstanding among all international schools in Shenzhen. What kinds of students Sendelta hopes to cultivate? As the famous Principal Mei Yiqi put it“ A great education institution should aim for cultivating prominent graduates . ”Excellent international education can stimulate passion of students as well as teachers, which could hardly be brought about by material gains. In practicing education beliefs of our predecessors, we are  working hard to realize our own education dreams with determination and dedication. It is our long-cherished dream to build a great school and cultivate new generations of talents.

We are pleased to witness the great achievements Sendelta has made, which result from hard efforts and concerted dedication made by the faculty. In the new campus, Sendelta will constantly give first priority to teaching quality with the belief “Be a better self and build a better society”and keep making reform and innovation on our road of cultivating more talents with global vision.


Hope Sendelta A Brighter Future!


 2018 University Admission List of Sendelta Students

(excerpt from university admission lists in the past years)





Fall Semester Enrollment Brochure

Recruit Grade 7-11 students


 2018 University Admission List of Sendelta Students

Activity Preview: University Application Lecture


In order to be admitted by world top universities, an applicant’s personal capabilities are essential in addition to standard test scores. To help parents view university application in a rational perspective, have a good understanding of American university’s requirements on applicants and better plan the application in advance, Sendelta is going to hold the lecture series “Planning Your Application in Advance Next Stop: the U.S.A., scheduled at 14:00 this Saturday. Welcome parents and students join us.

The dream of entering American top universities could not be easily achieved over night. Sendelta not only holds various lectures to help student better prepare for university application but also guides students in making their personal application plan through one-on-one tutoring. Our teachers will take into consideration each student’s school report, social activities and hobbies etc, planing his or her standard test dates, capacities improvement, extra-curriculum activities, holiday activities etc. ensuring all Sendelta students are moving on the right direction towards their dream schools.


Planning Your Application in Advance Next Stop: the U.S.A.

Time: 14:00 21st April, 2018

Address: No.2 Xinsha Rd. Futian Dist. Shenzhen

Lecturer: Yuky Sun (the former Director of  University Application Office in Shenzhen Experimental High School and an excellent graduate of the USC )


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