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Weekly Message from Vice Principal Mr. Gibson

Weekly Message from Vice Principal Mr. Gibson

Vice Principal:Tremayne Gibson




Dear Sendelta Community, 

I write to you again to offer a brief recap of our second week. 

Last week started off with a wonderful surprise from Miss Jenni, the head of our Humanities department, who delivered a healthy baby over the weekend. On behalf of the teachers and staff I offer our congratulations and best wishes as she begins a brief maternity leave to bond with her new child. 

Her student's needn't worry though, Ms. Jenni continues to offer the school and her department help from afar and we expect her back on campus by the end of October. 



上周一始,惊喜不已!我们的人文学科组组长 Jenni 老师生下一个健康的宝宝。我谨代表全体教员向 Jenni 老师送上诚挚的祝贺与美好的祝福。同时她要休短暂的产假,请同学们不要担心,Jenni 老师会在10月末返校继续回来工作。  


Weekly Message from Vice Principal Mr. Gibson

Weekly Message from Vice Principal Mr. Gibson

Weekly Message from Vice Principal Mr. Gibson

Our administrative team, in coordination with our homeroom have confirmed the final course selections. Students meanwhile either caught up with their peers in classes they recently entered or continued with the basic introductory lessons of their courses. 

I advise all students to be patient and take your time with these basic lessons. What you are covering now will serve as the foundation to everything that comes next and if you do not take the time to learn it well you will find yourself struggling with the more advanced topics as time goes on. Trust me, before you know it, it will be time for exams. 

All course selection data and teaching assignments have been input into PowerSchool. Returning students and their parents may already be able to view the content on their course pages. The next major undertaking of the Academic Department will be to create accounts for our new students and their parents. That process is already underway and will be completed soon. 


所有选课信息及教学任务都已输入 PowerSchool账户。返校学生及家长可以在课程页面看到相关内容。学术部另一项重点工作是为新生及家长们创建 PowerSchool 帐户,该工作已在进行中,将很快完成。 


Weekly Message from Vice Principal Mr. Gibson

Weekly Message from Vice Principal Mr. Gibson


This week our library resumed normal operations and opened its doors to students. I was happy to see many students browsing the contents of its shelves and I eagerly encouraged them to give their ideas for what they think should be added. 

In the next few weeks we plan to add more books and also a number of magazines to the library which we think will be both interesting to read and potentially useful for class assignments. 

Toward that end, several teachers from our English Language Arts department took their classes on 'field trips' to the library last week to have their students pick books to read for class projects due later this semester. 

Weekly Message from Vice Principal Mr. Gibson

Weekly Message from Vice Principal Mr. Gibson

本周学校图书馆正常运行并向学生开放。看到学生们在书架前阅览书籍我倍感欣慰,同时鼓励学生积极反馈需增加的内容。为满足学生阅读的趣味性和课堂作业实用性,图书馆接下来几周还将增加更多的书籍和杂志。为此,上周英语语言组的老师将课堂 “搬”到图书馆,让学生体验一番实地阅读,为他们学期末结束的课程项目进行选书。 

As part of Sendelta's core mission of building English proficiency in all of its students, the Academic Department is preparing to launch our English Immersion Program (EIP) in the next week or two.The EIP's primary goal will be helping students in their first year at Sendelta with underdeveloped English language ability. 

This program is both compulsory for students identified by the Academic Department and free of charge. It is scheduled to last approximately 10 weeks, running about two periods a week during ECA time, but may be extended. Parents of students who have been automatically enrolled in this program will be formally notified by letter before the program begins. 

让全体学生说流利的英语,是讯得达国际书院核心使命的一部分。学术部将于下周或下下周准备启动沉浸式英语项目(EIP),其首要目标是帮助入学第一年英语语言能力不过关的学生。经学术部核定需提升英语的学生,此项目为强制性要求且不收费,项目上课时间将在 ECA(活动课)时间段,每周两节课,持续大概 10 周,也可能会延长。自动进入该项目(入学考试成绩英语单科低于60分)的学生家长将会在项目开始前收到一封项目课程通知信。 

Weekly Message from Vice Principal Mr. Gibson

I'd like to conclude by welcoming our G12 class back from their two-week adventure in the United States. I trust that your mission to take the SAT and explore beautiful sunny California was a complete success. You've certainly been missed, so I hope you all find a few minutes to come find me next week to say hello and share some interesting stories about your summers. I and the rest of the team here look forward to supporting you over these next four months, perhaps the most important in your lives so far. 

That's all...for now. 

Warm Regards, 

Tremayne Gibson 

Vice Principal of Academics 

Sendelta International Academy Shenzhen

结尾处,欢迎高三学生在结束了两周的美国之旅后,顺利返校。我相信你们此次 SAT 考试,和你们在阳光明媚的加州之旅,都取得了圆满的成功。当然,我非常想念你们,希望回到学校后找我聊聊你们的暑假,分享你们的趣事儿。

接下来的4 个月对你们而言,或许是至今人生最重要的时期,我与学术部其他老师一起希望能给予你们最大的支持!



Tremayne Gibson 



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