The management team of “Peking University - Harvard University - Oxford University” gather together

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 The outstanding management team is the pilot light for the Academy to realize the vision of “Running the best American High school in China”. Sendelta education group has consistently selected foreign education experts to bring their experiences from the world's top schools, academic accumulation and management experiences in the field of education to the Sendelta campus. 


At the beginning of the new academic year, scholars from all over the world gather at the Sendelta and united a group of top university management team: 'Peking University - Harvard University -University of Oxford' as the future academic system; Mr. McCormick, the foreign principal with 13 years of management experiences in the international school, as the leader in the school operation. Peng Yu, the former teacher from High School Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University, striving to create the name card of Sendelta. They will help academic curriculum, school management, education of science innovation  to a higher level! 




Alex Liu 

-The founder of Shenzhen Experimental School International Program 

-The founder of Sendelta International Academy 

-Bachelor of Physics from Peking University 

-PhD of Computer Science from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 

-Worked as Professor and Ph.D. supervisor at American University 

 讯得达国际书院大伽TALK | 关于美本申请,哈佛先生有话说...

Tremayne Gibson 

-Director of Academics Sendelta International Academy 

-Harvard University 

-Master Degree in Johns Hopkins University 



Dr. Cheng Kan,  Academic vice president 


  • -Doctor degree, University of Oxford: Bachelor degree of applied science, Royal Melbourne Institute of Mechnology, Australia; Master degree in education, Monash university, Australia. He has rich teaching experiences in mathematics and engineering, solid academic foundation. 


  • -He has served as the deputy dean of the international department of several universities and the deputy dean of teaching: as the chief academic officer of the university, formulating modern teaching and learning strategies, specifying standards and effective evaluations for a series of academic courses, leading the recruitment and development of teachers, keeping the faculty and staff professional work environment. 


Dr. Cheng is always grateful for meeting so many excellent and diligent people during his study in Australia, teaching and returning to China in the past 20 years. The experience of being a classmate and a colleague has become the nourishment for his growth. As a member of China's first-generation immigrant family, Dr. Cheng received top education resources from overseas universities in the early 1990s. When he became a teacher to teach students from all over the world, he couldn't help thinking: what kind of education do Chinese students need? So he returned to his beloved motherland and devoted all his energy to the cause of Chinese education. 


Since returning to China, Dr. Cheng has twice succeeded in setting up a university of ten thousand students, where prospective students from all over the country can pursue the essence of knowledge. Dr Cheng recalls the difficulties of running the school: teaching, research, infrastructure, administration, personnel, finance, assets... Running a school is not an easy task, but he is glad to have more than 250 faculty members who have followed him for more than 10 years. They are motivated by their love for education and their trust in Dr. Cheng. 


Dr. Cheng is the deputy general academic officer of Sendelta education. He will comprehensively coordinate the academic work of Shenzhen campus and Guangzhou campus (AP international courses of Guangdong Experimental High School), improve the teaching quality of the school, customize the teaching system of the school and optimize the teaching resources of the school. 



John W. McCormick ,Foreign Principal 


  • -Master of Education Management and Computer Science from the top universities in the United States; 


  • -13 years of international school management experiences: he has unique insights into the international school management system and establishing high standard international school management system. 

John w. McCormick spent almost half of his life in China. He speaks fluent Chinese and is familiar with Chinese cultural characteristics. After living in China for so long, he did not forget to give himself a Chinese name, John Sun. With a master's degree in educational management and computer science from a top American university and thirteen years of experience in international school management, Mr. McCormick has his own unique insights into international school management system and establishing a high-standard international school management system. Surprised by the outstanding achievements of Sendelta and the social impact of the outstanding graduates of the academy, Mr. McCormick joined the Sendelta family. As the foreign principal of Sendelta International Academy, he will be responsible for the overall planning and management of the academy, improving the system, standardizing the process and leadingthe team, so that Sendelta can create a better future for all teachers, students and parents. 




Peng Yu,Executive of Innovation Center 


  • -Former director of extracurricular academic activity center of High School Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University, student innovation activity coach, interdisciplinary teacher; 

  • -He has served as a master instructor of the curriculum and teaching department of East China Normal University, an expert in the curriculum standard writing group of the Shanghai Education Commission, and an expert in the 'STEM Education Promotion Work' group of the Ministry of Education Curriculum and Teaching Materials Development Center; 

  • -As an Invited observer of Asia Pacific Conference of Young Scientists (APCYS)  and Judge of Intel International Science and Engineering Fair(Intel ISEF); 

  • -He was invited to deliver speeches at the GLN (global Learning network) Washington conference held by OECD in 2016 and the world public science literacy conference held by China association for science and technology in 2018. 


High School affiliated to Shanghai jiao tong university, one of the 'four top schools' of Shanghai key high schools, has been admitted by ivy league schools in the United States for many years, and its STEM science innovation education is also very impressive. Science and technology innovation of students is an extremely important part of academy curriculum. Director peng will learn from the operation mode of international education science and innovation resources and student competition resources in Shanghai, set up appropriate science and innovation courses for college students, cultivate high-quality competition coaches, and effectively help students improve their background. He will be responsible for the overall planning of college students' daily activities, the improvement of students' background and competition, as well as the management of students' daily life, the management of head teachers and the work of the student affairs office. 

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