Mr. Tremayne Gibson, Academic Vice President of Sendelta International Academic, graduated from Harv

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Mr. Tremayne Gibson, Academic Vice President of Sendelta International Academic, graduated from Harvard University, the highest temple of world knowledge.  With the eight years of running the school, the first session of student that Mr. Tremayne taught at the already achieved extraordinary success. Now those students all went to work: Zhu went to Columbia University, now At Morgan Stanley Morgan Stanley as an analyst; Xu went to Duke University, and now as a software programmer at Google Google, Li and Wang went to Stanford University, Virginia University...

Mr. Tremayne Gibson, Academic Vice President of Sendelta International Academic, graduated from Harv

Since February, Mr. Tremayne has spent nearly two months talking to each of the second-year students, and has implemented the educational concept of “capacity development, personality development”. He hopes to integrate his own elite education of freedom, innovation and critical thinking into the academy training system based on his own acquisition and perception at Harvard University. In one-on-on interviews, he will learn about the situation of children in school and their future Expectations, so that he could give the most suitable advice to them.

Mr. Tremayne Gibson, Academic Vice President of Sendelta International Academic, graduated from Harv

In the interview with the students, he found that many students in the school have some qualities that make him very pleasant and a talent to be discovered. For example, many students in the academy are not as stereotyped as foreigners on Chinese students: good at mathematics and not interested in humanities. There're still a large number of students perform very well in humanities and history.  Not only that, Mr Tremayne is also delighted by the work of talented 'aspiring artists' at the academy.


As a school that keep pace with both academic and activities, they not only developed the student's academic ability, but also built platforms of all kinds of high quality to develop the students' special skills and interests. There're nearly 40 colorful community activities to let the students with high grades and discover their own special characteristics and potential, provide the personalized choice of development for each student and cultivate the omnipotent international talents.


After one-on-one conversation with acadamy students, Tremayne also offers the following suggestions on application documents based on his own experience of elite education at Harvard University:


1.“Show, don’t tell”


As Tremayne said, some students who successfully accomplish the concept of “show, don’t tell.” really impressed him. It is not helpful for students to just claim that they are interested in something. They have to instead describe accomplishments and experiences that demonstrate that interest. For instance, don’t just write on a college application, “I’m really interested in music.” Instead, describe how you’ve composed your own original songs and appeared at numerous public performances.


For instance, there's a student interested in studying business/economic/finance in college integrated his desire to do public service with his interests in music and business. Last summer he volunteered to do a social survey about the regional economics of an inland province, this summer he’s planning to organize a music program in his dad’s factory aimed at helping the factory workers, many of whom have children left behind in inland provinces which causes them stress and leads to high worker turnover. The student wants to see if using music to entertain the workers can help alleviate some of their stress and reduce turnover rates. This idea not only demonstrates the student’s desire to help others, but also draws upon his talents in music (he is a member of the school orchestra and an advanced piano player) and demonstrates his interests in business (he is after all doing all of this to solve a very practical and common business problem, worker turnover.)


2. 'Quantity does not represent quality'

remayne recently attended a forum at the Harvard Shanghai Center, his old professor and former Dean of Harvard College (and member of the admissions committee) spoke at the event and one of the things he emphasized was that what schools like Harvard want most is to see passion in a student. It doesn’t matter what the activity is or how many there are, if a student clearly shows that they are in love with something and also excel at it enough to accomplish something great or unique, that is what is worthy of admission.  So when he heard about students doing certain activities in multiple summers or throughout the year he was happy. Experiences that are sustained or that interrelate with other experiences are great because they help the student build a narrative / tell a story about themselves, which is always more captivating for admissions committees than just seeing a list of ECAs.. A big mistake for students is to rack up a laundry list of ECAs and meaningless awards. Quantity does not represent quality.

Mr. Tremayne Gibson, Academic Vice President of Sendelta International Academic, graduated from Harv


There's a student in college is interested in studying law and potentially using that to help others in the future. He spent last summer volunteering to help “left over children” in an inland province, and may do something similar again this summer because he enjoyed the experience. His family happened to be friends with a local judge who may allow him to sit in his courtroom to observe how the law actually works. Demonstrating interest in something like this is not easy, there aren’t as many opportunities as with things like science or art, but this is a pretty good experience.

After the one-on-one converstation,except the advices for application, Tremayne also gives some suggestions to students:



First, find a balance between your emotions.


No matter what you are doing, don't be too stubborn and ignore advice or refuse to take it and consider it first.  Pride and complacency will not help you get admitted to top university. Moreover, excessive anxiety or lack of self-confidence will become a stumbling block on the road to growth. For example, when choosing a university, listen to your parents' suggestions and add your own thoughts, learn to balance and control your emotions.



Secondly, Focus on what you have and use that to the fullest potential.


Colleges don’t have a single standard of excellence, all they realistically expect is for kids to do the most with the resources they were given. That’s why school profiles, AO visits to campus, and most importantly teacher letters of recommendation are so important. Colleges do everything they can to create a full picture of each applicants’ universe of resources so they can measure how hard a worker you are. If you have access to lots of things but choose to achieve little, you will be judged harshly. If you have limited access but still find ways to stand out then you will be rewarded. 



Thirdly, Students should do more research, independently. 


Every American university spends millions of dollars every year on marketing their school, there are websites and tons of other sources of information. Students just need to take an hour or two to poke around and learn. Use a funnel method, start with very broad or general search criteria for what you want in a school, then gradually add more criteria until you narrow your search to just maybe 10 or more schools. From there do deep explorations into each to find out more about the culture, opportunities, and experiences each can give you. Sendelta has over 700 alumni, ask the school if we have any contacts with students who’ve graduated from the school you’re interested in. You might be able to arrange a chat with them to get a first-hand account of what things are really like there. Try to find a reason to get excited about the schools you apply to, what matters most is whether or not you can be happy there. If you’re miserable at the school you go to you will most likely not be successful. As Tremayne said: 'What I want most is for every student who walks across Sendelta’s graduation stage to be happy and proud of the school they’re going to (it would be even better if their parents were proud as well).'


In addition to responsible teachers and students' own efforts, parents also play an important role in students' entrance into elite schools. For those who wish their children well, Mr Tremayne has some Suggestions:


 Mr. Tremayne Gibson, Academic Vice President of Sendelta International Academic, graduated from Harv

Don’t be so pushy 

Don’t be so pushy with high school-aged children when it comes to ECAs and how they use their free time. Instead, try to play a supportive role and let your child lead the way. If necessary, maybe guide them a little towards choosing some direction, but once they’ve identified what they’re interested in focus on gathering whatever resources you can to give them as many opportunities as possible for achieving something meaningful. Spending money on different programs is one approach, another which could potentially be more valuable is calling upon your personal networks to find opportunities for your kids like internships, mentors, access to labs, etc. The hardest part about applying to top universities is not achieving high test scores, it’s finding ways to look unique and impressive. How your children spend their free time will be decisive in this regard.


Don't just focus on high test scores

There's a common problem: for many students, their most impressive accomplishments are high test scores. They’ve spent all of their free time in training centers or doing practice exams. This makes them vulnerable to criticisms that they are boring/uninteresting applicants and also makes it seem like they are incapable of handling more than one thing at a time. A high SAT score is impressive, but an applicant with a high SAT score and a record of interesting activities is more impressive. An applicant with high scores, a nice ECA record, and one or two unique accomplishments (national or international competition winner, original scientific research, excellent art portfolio, etc.) is the most impressive. Balance is important, you have to make time for more than just studying.

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