2019 - 02 - 13
At 9 am on October 16, Admission officers Michelle and Kyle, who are from the University of Chicago and Cornell University respectively, came to SIA to meet students and their parents. And both students and parents have benefitted a lot from their visiting. First, Michelle introduced some of the University of Chicago's profiles and its 'new requirements' for applicants in 2019.  University of Chicago Admissions Officer Michelle   Michelle said that the University of Chicago is introducing a new 'Test Optional' initiative in the new admissions policy, that is, the University of Chicago will pay more attention to other factors than the standardized test results of students. This means that students need to spend ...
2019 - 02 - 13
The 249-year-old Dartmouth College is one of the eight Ivy League schools, and it ranks11th in American Universities according to 2018U.S.News. Even though its admissions in China has been very 'squeaky', it is still a lot of Chinese students’ dream school. What kind of university is Dartmouth College?What conditions does it require for students?Are you good enough to be a member of it?In SIA, we will demystify this university will admissions officers from Dartmouth College. Mr. Zholl R. Tablante, Dartmouth College Admissions Officer, visited SIA to give a detailed explanation of Dartmouth College's curriculum, teaching features and application requirements for the teachers, students and parents. Dartmouth College is located in Hanover, New Hamp...
2019 - 02 - 13
“Being able to participate in the design of the new campus is a very memorable and worthwhile thing to do. In fact, Sendelta already has a professional design team, I am just a student , so I really appreciate the opportunity my alma mater gives me to learn from those professionals.”——Zhu YuzhenWhen our graduate of 2015 Zhu Yuzhen ,who now studies sign at Connell, heard that the new campus was under construction, she excitedly joined the design team. She feels that being able to participate in the design of the new campus is a very memorable and worthwhile thing to do. Despite the fact that she is in America having to take into account the heavy studies at Cornell University, she has always been paying attention to the process of the construction, co...
2019 - 02 - 13
Recently, food safety problem in an international school in Shanghai has aroused parents’concerns on the food quality issue all across our country.Food in our school canteen is reliable?Is canteen food nutritious enough for kids? Do kids have enough meals in the campus?All questions above can be summarized into one:What about our school canteen?(a Shanghai International school used decayed tomatoes as food ingredient)Youngyuan Experimental School-based Sendelta International Academy has an A-class (the highest level in Shenzhen) canteen that consists of food processing area, kitchen, cleaning room and food preparing room etc. Everyday,Shenzhen Education Bureau will commission a third party to check the food ingredients and give food safety report, supervising standard hygienic practices of...
2019 - 02 - 13
In this era of continuous innovation, integration and transformation, all walks of life are constantly adjusting to meet the needs of the times and guide the trend of the times.  Education has also begun to attempt to make various changes. There is a soil, curious and moon exploring school in China, America has Altschool, High Tech High and Minerva.  Today we will share with you the information provided by the school representative of Minerva University in China when visiting SIA.  The picture shows Ms. Mo Shucao, the representative of Minerva University in China, introducing Minerva University to the students of SIA. At the beginning Ms. Mo sheared her application experience 10 years ago with the students...
2019 - 02 - 13
2018 Embark on A New Journey2018 is a special year for Sendelta International Academy:▼Students from Sendelta Alpha Class took classes lectured by Nobel Prize winners in Harvard and MIT▼Establishing the Junior High School Department offering a complete American high school education system and top-notch education resources ▼Initiating the Ten Million Scholarship Program enrolling prominent students all across our country▼Excellent Harvard graduate returned to Sendelta and worked as the Director of Education Administration Office focusing on teaching quality and living up to his original aspiration in education▼The faculty and all our students have been looking forward to moving into our new campus  2018 University Admission ListIn 2018, the number of American University undergrad...
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