2019 - 07 - 15
Drama is a stage performance arts integrating language, action, dance, music, puppet and other forms to achieve the purpose of narration, which requires strong performance ability. Zero, President of the drama club, is also a person who loves performing and often participates in the performance of the school's art show. Drama club usually in the community class, we will discuss the skills of acting together, or watch the drama together, discuss the rationality of the plot, analyze the development of the plot; Try to figure out the performance expressions and language of the dramatic actors together, or on the small stage in the classroom, all the members of the drama club can perform a program together, without applause or flowers, and don't worry about no audience, because every rehe...
2019 - 07 - 15
Heart with Star Association was founded in 2014, which is the oldest club in the academy and the largest one with the largest membership so far. There are as many as 80 members in the club, including the publicity department, the public relations department and the activity department.'This artistic and elegant association name represents a unusual story. As the name implies, heart and star walk means that everyone's love and \'stars\' go together, which autistic children are also known as \'children from stars\'. Our club is a non-profit charity organization that cares for autistic children. The intention is to let more people understand and pay attention to autism. '],[20,'\n\n','7:3'],[20,'The organization leader determined to do free service that can really help autistic children, to p...
2019 - 07 - 15
Exploring the world with people who similar with you is one of the most interesting thing. Although the practice of dancing is always mixed with sweat and tears, which can not have any moment of slack, but even so, every Thursday afternoon in the club class, there is always such a scenery in the classroom on the first floor, the President Ivy led everyone to watch the dance video, practice dance together step by step. In order to increase the confidence of the club members, the club members rehearsed together in the evening study on Tuesday and Thursday. As a club with flexibility, the dance club always been free and creative. The dances club has studied so far include k-pop and modern dance, and the next one is hip-hop dance. Because of the New Year party, the members of the dance cl...
2019 - 07 - 15
The original intention of establishing Burning music club is, to give students who love music a shining stage, also hope music can improve student's ability so that they can help people in society. The club class of Burning music is relaxed and comfortable. We discuss the new music and share our feelings, or practice new songs together, in the classroom that small stage, happiness and satisfaction always fill in the classroom; or rehearse again and again before the competition or performance, find out other's shortcomings, encouraging each other who are so nervous and make their voices tremble, and showing audiences their best performance on the stage. In 2018, Burning music Club held the mash-up singing competition, which was the first singing competition of SIA and received gre...
2019 - 07 - 15
Chinese culture cannot be separated from the calligraphy, claborate-style painting, traditional food and so on. Appreciation and study of these works are interspersed with club classes in the semester. After every two club classes, we encourage students to talk about their favorite part of Chinese culture to each other.  Because everyone likes different aspects of Chinese culture, they must be the best at and know the most about their favorite aspects. We also encourage students to tell us their favorite Chinese culture by slideshow, video, music, pictures and other forms. For example, the chairman in Chinese Culture Club took students to watch the Hanfu shows that produced by the Hanfu restoration team, the han hair ornaments, the han makeup restore video, and also enjoyed tradi...
2019 - 07 - 15
Respecting the old and caring for the young is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation and an important embodiment of social responsibility. The students went to Futian district social welfare center and Luohu district social welfare center to carry out 'caring for the elderly' social welfare activities.The students prepared the perfromances of piano, violin and saxophone to the grandparents of the welfare center. The wonderful performance and full of youthful vigor were praised by the grandparents.   In addition to the performance, the students also chatted with the grandparents, talked to relieve their boredom. Grandparents also told students about their wonderful life experiences in the past, share their experiences ofdealing with people, and asked students to 'study h...
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