2019 - 08 - 13
The outstanding management team is the pilot light for the Academy to realize the vision of “Running the best American High school in China”. Sendelta education group has consistently selected foreign education experts to bring their experiences from the world's top schools, academic accumulation and management experiences in the field of education to the Sendelta campus.  At the beginning of the new academic year, scholars from all over the world gather at the Sendelta and united a group of top university management team: 'Peking University - Harvard University -University of Oxford' as the future academic system; Mr. McCormick, the foreign principal with 13 years of management experiences in the international school, as the leader in the school ope...
2019 - 07 - 31
At the beginning of the semester, in March of this year, Sendelta International Academy organized the Alpha class students and some outstanding students to visit the 'masters hall' of Harvard University and MIT, where they could get in touch with professors from top overseas universities and experiences distinctive courses of Ivy League universities in the United States.Sendelta International Academy has rich resources with top univeristies. The professors in this trip are all authoritative experts and scholars in various fields. It’s so lucky that the students can communicate with these professors who have important academic achievements and are highly recognized and respected by the academic circle.Humorous professors always make students burst into laughter. The road of academic researc...
2019 - 07 - 16
The Arts festival of Sendelta began in June, and came to a fabulous ending. the expectations and dreams of students, and the passion of this art festival are surrounded the whole campus. The burning summer stage,The bustling creative marketplace,Creative arts exhibition...It takes a long time for us to forget.Pick up the memory fragments of early summer, let us review this 'vision, hear, taste' feast.    Full of passion and talent, the students of Sendelta International Academy were bold and innovative in the big stage of the cultural festival, showing their youthful energy and unique style in every performance. In this best years, to dance and sing, display their wisdom light.
2019 - 07 - 15
In the film club, you can learn film theory knowledge, master film shooting skills, understand the film shooting process, and truly understand the exchange of film talents. In this semester's recruitment, in the face of dozens of new recruitment and application list, we conducted screening in batches, divided into scriptwriter group, actor group, director group, photography group and so on. In addition to the President, we also invited two art teachers from our school as our juries.  With the guidance of two more teachers, the selection of new members went smoothly. This is also our film club has been adhering to the principle of doing things, take democracy as the principle of the club. The content of the film club is not determined by the President, but the general direction is dete...
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