2019 - 02 - 13
Sendelta offers scholarship to support qualified and distinguished students all across our country, encouraging them to receive top-notch American school education. We are hoping our new students of 2018 could benefit from Sendelta’s teaching and cultivation, grow into leaders in various fields and facilitate the develop of Sendelta and beyond.Here you will better improve yourself and study with distinguished classmates! 1 Scholarship Application InstructionApplicants should meet one of the following requirement:Refer to Shenzhen Senior High School Entrance Exam Score1  the applicant’s Shenzhen Senior High School Entrance Exam Score is 8 points higher than the minimum admission score of Shenzhen Experimental High School (exempt tuition of the first academic year)2 the applicant’s...
2019 - 02 - 08
Heart and Star Club won the honorary title of 'Global Outstanding Club': As a club, we are serious. After four months of brilliant competition, Heart and Star Club emerged from more than 600 associations through voting, video submission, joint proposal and professional reply. They were affirmed by international education experts such as the University of Chicago, Princeton University and Columbia University on the spot of the finals, and eventually won the honorary titles of 'National TOP30' and 'Global Outstanding Club'. With creativity, professionalism and enthusiasm, the students of Heart and Star Club show the charm and charm of our community to the whole world. 01 They are 'children from the stars' There are a group of people who we call 'children from stars': they have...
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