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Date: 2017-12-08
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Ding Wenyang: Life is endless and exploration is endless


One Change


For Ding Wenyang, from Science High School to sendelta International Academy, the biggest difference is that after entering the international system, his personal life, learning and thinking have undergone tremendous changes.


Before turning to the International Academy, Ding Wenyang also asked his elders and sisters the same question: Will the three years of the international system be easier than the Chinese college entrance examination?


The answer to this question is obvious: busy study and enrichment of life have made up Ding Wenyang's extraordinary three years in the International Academy of Sciences. It also gives her a new understanding of his own value and the meaning of life. It is clearer that people need to experience all kinds of different experiences in their lifetime and try to do what they want to do. Don't be afraid of the so-called 'difficult opportunities', because opportunities will never wait for themselves.


Life and explorations are both endless, which is the most important points Ding Wenyang has gained in his three years at Xundeda International College. This will also be the beacon of her future success in life.



Two learning


After coming to the International Academy, Ding Wenyang was exposed to a totally different curriculum system and many academic tasks. In addition to the very tight schedule of AP courses, the art courses, experimental courses, physical education classes have also brought a new experience to the three years of high school. In order to arrange his own time reasonably, Ding Wenyang always keeps a small notebook with her, to refine matters anytime, anywhere, and carry out specific time management. This method is called Accountability Chart. Everything that needs to be done, no matter it’s academic tasks or community activities, are carefully recorded and arranged in the chart – to let oneself be clear of the next task and make full use of time.


(Figure: Accountability Chart)


The International Academy follows the class shift system. Students can choose courses according to their preferences. For example, Ding Wenyang can choose AP Psychology if he wants to study psychology in the future. Because we have different interests, so maybe everyone's curriculum is different even if they are in the same class. Everyone needs to plan their own time. Another advantage of the shift system is that Ding Wenyang can get in touch with students from different classes and communicate with more people. Every student in the International Academy has different advantages, learning methods, attitudes and ways of doing things, which have inspired her a lot.


Every year, the International Academy invites its principals and alumni from other famous universities (such as the University of Chicago, Duke University and Cornell University) to come to the Academy and share their life and experience with current students.


Every time Ding Wenyang has a lot to gain. For example, this year, after serious exchanges with a alumni, Ding Wenyang found that they had many similarities. One idea after another was approved by the the alumni, which made Ding Wenyang see herself in his future.


Ding Wenyang strongly recommends that students from Xundeda to attend more sharing meetings with elder students. Besides learning and lesson selection suggestions, topics like school entrance planning and life arrangement will also be inspiring. If there are already schools in mind that you want to apply for, or you want to have a deeper understanding of the school's teachers, campus environment, subject advantages, school characteristics, the senior students and alumni’s sharing meeting is a good opportunity that cannot be missed.



SAT is a necessary part of the three years of senior high school. Every time the International College will arrange teachers to organize students to travel to the United States or Hong Kong to take the exam. From taking the opportunity to prepare for the exam in the hotel before the exam, and then to visit the nearby famous American schools after the exam, the schedules are always well arranged. This is also Ding Wenyang's favorite point. He does not have to prepare blindly and miss the important information of the exam, He can arrange his time more reasonably, and have a free trip to visit his favorite school.


This year, Ding Wenyang visited Berkeley University after his SAT exam. The most surprising thing is that the graduated alumni personally led the visit. She gave a friendly explanation of the campus and also provided important matters needing attention when applying. Another important friend of his also suddenly appeared to surprise them. Teacher Isaac, who had left Xundeda for further study in the United States, also came to the hotel to see them and cheered them on for their SAT exam. These are valuable experiences for Ding Wenyang.


Three Personal interests


In addition to the intense school work, Ding Wenyang is constantly exploring his Personal interests in his spare time.



Since the age of 3, Ding Wenyang has been studying Chinese dance and ballet. Just last year, after full preparation, Ding Wenyang passed the highest level of examination of Chinese dance and ballet. But she likes to constantly explore new things – she began to learn Jazzfunk and hip-hop, contact with more Western elements and keeps enriching herself.


In 2016, Ding Wenyang began to get involved in rowing. In order to learn more about rowing, she went to Cambridge University. Half a month of time, rowing on the Kang River has not only gained her new skills, but also helps her to made friends from all over the world who share the same hobby. Up to now, she has been training half a day a week.


Although Senior Three is already the application season and is very busy, Ding Wenyang still prepared for the examination of AHA International Emergency Assistant Certificate while preparing for her further education.

The American Heart Association (AHA) is the world's most authoritative and standardized organization for public aid training. The American Heart Association (AHA) first aid certificate is internationally certified and universally used, and is listed as one of the ten most valuable certificates in the world. The certificate shows that its cardiac rescue skills have been recognized by the most authoritative international organizations, and can be regarded as professional first aid skilled personnel. The exemption clause for rescue is applied in many countries and regions.


Of course, while learning, there is no lack of relaxation. Scuba Diving (scuba diving) is a very decompressive experience for Ding Wenyang. She feels the ups and downs of the sea water quietly under the water, contacts closely with nature, and feels the value of life.



Four Social Responsibilities


At the same time, she is constantly exploring what she can do for society. On an occasional occasion, Ding Wenyang accidentally participated in a primary school teaching project in Jinggangshan, where she introduced Shenzhen to the children, told them about astronomy and geography, and played with them.


After returning to Shenzhen, Ding Wenyang was lost in thought. How could she help these children when she was so far away from the mountains and being so inconvenient in time and space? What we should do is not only to send goods, but to help them fundamentally.


As a result, she joined Spark to teach online, and began an online teaching trip. So far, Ding Wenyang has accumulated 534 hours of online teaching practice. Every weekend, she meets her friends and students online, corrects their English pronunciation, shows them the outside society and brings them future dreams.


Picture: Jinggangshan Teaching


'The three-year life in Xundeda International College is a life of continuous accumulation and growth. In addition to learning, attending Winter Camp, going to Huada Gene Learning Program, performing Taijiquan among teachers and students in the whole school, all these have constantly expanded my knowledge, communication and let me grow up. The three years of Xundeda International College will also affect my life. This is Ding Wenyang's three years in Xundeda International College, and also the best wishes for people who are about to join Xundeda.

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