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Date: 2017-11-06
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constantly finds yourself and meets a better self

TOEFL: 114 points

SAT: 1560

AP: 9 subjects


Kolby College, College of Arts and Sciences – rank 12

Smith Women's College, College of Arts and Sciences – rank 12

Vanderbilt University – rank 15

University of California, Berkeley – rank 20

University of Southern California – rank 23

University of California, Los Angeles – rank 24

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill – rank 30

University of California, Santa Barbara – rank 37

University of California, Davis – rank 44

University of California, San Diego – rank 44


Exploring a Wider World


Speaking of why to study abroad, Zhou gave many reasons at once. Part of the reason is that many friends have been affected by studying abroad. Part of the reason is that they have a good learning environment abroad and can explore a broader world. Her decision was also unanimously agreed by the whole family.


After deciding to study in the United States, the whole family also made a major choice. What kind of school should they choose after the entrance examination?


Zhou likes the environment of intimacy and mutual help. Her parents also hope to find a school to guide their child more carefully, since she’s still young, full of confusion and unknown about the future.


During this period, her family members made long-term choices and personally went to many international schools to experience the campus atmosphere, just like anyone else. Finally, she chose Shenzhen Experimental School High School International Class (Xundeda International College Experimental Class).


As Zhou expected, because the class is smaller, teachers have more time and energy on each student, and they get along well with each other. Because of the fear that the children will not adapt to the international system just after they change from the examination-oriented system, the head teacher will carefully observe the situation of each student and communicate with their parents in time, which makes Zhou quickly adapt to the rhythm of the international class.


Although the schedules are the same, the learning styles of international classes are quite different from those of ordinary high schools. There are many interactive parts in the classroom, teachers are no longer forced to promote learning, but more to guide their own conscious learning.


Zhou has been exploring herself and the world around her all the way. More importantly, there are a group of people who support and encourage her. When they discover their interest in a particular field, parents, teachers and friends will encourage their exploration of the world. At first, she watched medical TV series and was very interested in medical instruments. As a result, she went to the Department of Biomedical Engineering of Tsinghua Graduate School to participate in the production of 3D surgical navigation project, from not knowing anything, to slowly reading the literature, to participating in the design of some simple experiments. Taking the suggestion of the teachers, she applied to the laboratory for Lipid Medicine and Technology (LLMT) of Harvard University to study omega-3 nutrients with Professor Kang, a leading figure in this field, and finally got a letter of recommendation from this professor. No matter what she is interested in, her teachers and parents will give her full support and encouragement and guide her to explore.


From Introvert to Self-confident


Zhou has always been an introverted and shy child, even when we first met her. Education in the international system has changed her a lot.


'If I hadn't entered the international class, I might not have been so active in finding opportunities, interests and chances to stimulate my potential.'


Because American universities encourage students to explore themselves, Zhou constantly breaks through herself in order to enrich her curriculum vitae and yearn for the all-round development of foreign students from the bottom of her heart. Introverted, she began to speak actively in the school's magazines and medical societies, putting forward her ideas and running for management positions. In the past, she was not the kind of person who would stand up to preside over things, but became a president who communicate and negotiate with the school a lot. Later, she contacted special children's institutions, taught autistic children's Clarinet and harmonica together with her colleagues outside the school, medical society and like-minded students in Shenzhen schools.


From daring not speak out their own ideas, to gain a self-confident voice; from limited to their own small world, to pay attention to different groups - Zhou constantly changes herself and breaks through herself.


And not only Zhou, but also her companions have infinite vision and courage for the future. In addition to some popular disciplines, there are also people who are committed to art design, philosophy, drama and gender studies. They support each other and move forward on the road of growth.


Do good planning, go step by step


The hard work on the way to apply naturally need not be mentioned - countless exams, endless homework, unexpected documents and those endless nights.


Fortunately, in this process, there are head teachers and guidance teachers to guide themselves step by step. Every year, our school teachers plan one-on-one for their classmates. They plan what they need to do in that year, such as how many AP exams they should take and what organizations they should join, according to their hobbies and progress. This eventually decided that Zhou's application path, though hard but in good order.


Choosing to study abroad will not be easier than taking the college entrance examination. Life will be very tense and pressure will be great. Zhou said that we must keep a peaceful mind during this process – not only pay attention to the early planning but also to the application paper works. We need to do good planning and go step by step.


After 3 years learning in the international class, 'I am not the same as I was three years ago, and there are countless students like me who have met different themselves on this road. This sense of harvest and surprise is not measurable in one or two or in the top ten or twenty offers. It's still a long way to go, but the spirit of continues learning should be maintained for a lifetime.


I hope that Zhou will keep the spirit of continues learning and constantly discover and meet a better self.

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