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Date: 2017-11-06
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Tan | the only one got ED to the University of Pennsylvania(TOP8)



University of Pennsylvania Complex


The University of Pennsylvania, one of the eight major Ivy League schools in the United States, ranked eighth in the United States in 2017. This year, Tan from Xundeda International College experimental class stood out from the competition of 6147 students who applied for the school at the same time, becoming the only person in Shenzhen who received the olive branch from the school in ED application this year.


When I first met Mr. Tan who dressed in Shenzhen’s school uniform, looks clean and neat, tall and straight, lively and sunny, he was polite and full of young people's unique vitality. He was gentle in the process of communication, being logically clear and actively in thinking. He gives fluent answers and pleasant smiles, which makes people feel like in the spring breeze.


All along, Tan liked the University of Pennsylvania very much. Later, he chose it when he had the chance to go to summer school. The summer school study that year also strengthened his belief in choosing this school, because the school's curriculum and campus atmosphere were exactly what he liked. In the end, the Dream School threw him the only olive branch in Shenzhen. The offer came at 4 o'clock Beijing time, and Tan didn't sleep that night. 'I think I'm a very lucky person.' He said modestly. He was both agitated and nervous, and when the mail appeared, he was officially relieved, but not completely relaxed, because it was only a small step forward from his dream.


What's learned from books is superficial after all. It's crucial to have it personally tested somehow.


American universities generally do not let student choose major in their first year. They encourage students to study many subjects, and then decide their major direction in their sophomore year. But Tan already has his favorite major. He most wants to enter the engineering institute to learn more about the relevant courses and participate in more activities.


And the reason why he is interested in this major is that I think it must be related to the robot contest he participated in in in junior high school. Tan's extracurricular activities are very rich, but when asked what is the most influential activity for him, he did not hesitate to say that the robot competition. He joined the robotics team from the first day of his life. At the beginning, he began to learn to program with senior high school students, and then he slowly learned to build robots. He used robots to do rescue mission and let robots play soccer. Making Robot is something that he has been persistent to do and still continues doing. He believes in the old saying of What's learned from books is superficial after all. It's crucial to have it personally tested somehow.

Hence, in addition to books, he began to learn how to assemble a variety of devices, welding, laser cutting, which are only accessible in the laboratory.


In the robotic team, the most important thing is not only the basic knowledge, but also how to get along with others. This is a team with deep knowledge, in where people are very likely to be much better than yourself. Only by constantly absorbing knowledge like a sponge can he keep up with the pace of the team. Later, he began to participate in various competitions with his partners. In the process, he also got the chance to communicate with strangers from different countries. He also took the responsibility of communicating with groups from other countries in a certain competition. Finally, he achieved good results. 'It can be said that these are some very important experiences. For me, they are valuable treasures. I am very glad to have chosen such a stage.'


The six years of participating in the robotic group are an important six years in one's life, and also the six years of rapid growth of Tan. The experience and growth of this group are enough to make him a leader among his peers. So, take actions! What's learned from books is superficial after all. It's crucial to have it personally tested somehow.

Knowledge in books is important, but the real implementation of practice is still the most important step.


Move steadfastly towards your dreams


Dream may be a vague word in the eyes of many peers, but in the eyes of Tan, it can be realized step by step. Once his dream was being accepted of the University of Pennsylvania as a dream school. Now his dream has come true, his dream turn to enter the engineering school and participate in more engineering activities, which he has been studying for six years in junior and senior high school.


When he was asked about what he wanted to say to the students who also had the dream of studying abroad, he smiled and said, 'Just go ahead steadfastly toward your dream!' 'Not all things can be satisfactory, I hope people can believe in themselves, believe in their own strength, strive to do everything they can do, maintain their own attitude of continuous progress, refueling!'


We wish that all the efforts will be gently awaited by the world at last. Applying to our Goddess School is only a small step in our life. I wish all the students who have fulfilled their wishes can finally fulfill their dreams in their desired U. S. universities. Fighting!

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