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Date: 2017-11-06
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He's in the center of the world, and he's also in the School of Architectural Design ranked No. 1 of the USNEWS


'My school is in Manhattan, New York, which is the center of the world. What I most look forward to is that there will be various exhibitions in Manhattan. Because the school I will go to is pretty small hence has fewer Chinese people, I am looking forward to exchanging ideas and making friends with more students of different beliefs, skin colors and different countries in the world.


Before leaving for The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art Cooper Union College in Manhattan, New York, Huang Kai was full of hope for the future.


In the international class of Shenzhen Experimental School High School, students think highly of their academic achievements, while teachers also encourage student to develop their hobbies and professional expertise. Before high school, Huang Kai had no contact with art design. He thought he had no artistic tastes. He did not expect to go to a famous architecture and design school with the same degree of rigor as Ivy League school. After entering the International Class of Shenzhen Experimental School High School, Huang Kai finds himself interested in architecture and space design a little. He looks through the works of Chinese architect I.M. Pei and studies the centuries-old construction history of the Holy Family Cathedral. He also likes the cross-era architectural design of Tadao Ando. All of these are little by little infected with Huang Kai, so that his vision is more and more open. The deeper he likes architectural design, the more things he saw - those he has never seen before.


As a result, he resolutely chose the road of architectural design, from no contact with design, no art background, to pick up sketch pencil and watercolor. From sketch to oil painting, from two-dimensional design to three-dimensional model. Borrowing a sentence from Shang Huangda, a classmate of the 2017th session - 'The more you pay, the more you will get.'


Over the past three years, with boxes and boxes of paints exhausted, the accumulated manuscripts could be piled up under the bed. Huang Kai himself finally had a collection of works which made him very proud. At the same time, with excellent academic achievements, he finally successfully applied to the Cobber League College, which is often ranked first by the authoritative USNews. Russell Allen Hells, the 1993 Nobel Prize winner in Physics, and Edison, the famous inventor, are excellent alumni of the Cobb Union College.


Huang Kai also shared his experience in elementary school for those who want to pursue design or architectural engineering in the future.


'In this respect, the portfolio accounts for a very large proportion of applications. It is very important to express one's views on the portfolio in the documents, and to standardize the results. For a good design institute, applicants should express their views and opinions instead of only focusing on the art skills. We need to think highly of the stories and connotations behind the works.


The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art


The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art is a well-known private university located in Manhattan, New York City, USA. It is also a small number of institutions in the United States that can provide full scholarships for all students. The school offers degrees in engineering, art and especially in architecture, which is often ranked first by the authoritative USNews.


Cooper Union College is well known for its architecture and engineering, and is often ranked first in the Northern Bachelor's College by the United States National and News. In addition, the school is well-known for its rigorous admission. According to national and news figures, the upper and lower quartiles of its SAT are 1,240 to 1,440 (the total SAT score is 1,600), with an admission rate of only about 10%. In the same year, about 28 of the 1800 students applied for admission to the Academy of Architecture, with the admission rate as low as 1.67%, which is one of the most rigorous Architectural Colleges in the world.

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