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Date: 2019-07-15
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In March of this year, Duke University, which is far away from the ocean, came up with a good news that all the teachers were very excited: Sendelta‘s graduate of 2015 -- Yang Yilin, has received the offer from Johns Hopkins Medical School! As some people know, American medical schools are extremely harsh on international students without a green card, and only fewer medical school given to international students offers during the annual application season.  In fact, the requirements of the American Medical School are extremely strict, not even mention the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, which is as famous as Harvard University.


Duke university make Yilin meet a lot of friends who also interested in biomedicine and obtained many resources related to biomedicine. Knowing that her status as an international student made it extremely difficult for her to apply for medical school, she chose biomedical engineering (BME) as her plan B. Even so, she stil believed that she is a premed student and took a biomedical classes as well as the premed classes, such as organic chemistry, physiology, biochemistry, sociology and psychology.


In the top university such as duke university, facing such high intensity of learning pressure, Yilin has no fear, because when she studying at Sendelta, she already learned how to manage time: When the standardized test, AP courses, activities and multiple tasks simultaneously, each students according to their own goal and direction, need to identified which one is more important, and let themselves being more efficient. This ability also helps Yilin successfully completed four years study at Duke university.


While being 'shadow', Yilin worked as a doctor's assistant in different departments, so she had the opportunity to communicate deeply with various patients. 'Working in a hospital was nervous at first, because I don't know how to deal with people who had nothing in common with my age or background. Later, I gradually realized that a smile, a sentence like 'how can I help you this morning' and a friendly eye contact will be helpful. No matter what kind of people they are, those can make them relax in the stressful environment of the hospital. Once they become friendly, my job becomes easier. After a long time, I suddenly realized that this feeling of being helpful and trusted made me happy. I like listenning a patient tell me stories about his time in Vietnam. It was encouraging to hear one paraplegic joke about himself saying, 'I've been paralyzed as long as I've been healthy, so it's just going to get easier.''


The answer to the mystery of why we study medicine is, I want to see patients and help them, more than staring at a computer screen, this feeling of authenticity and honor is the biggest motivation.


In Sendelta, teacher Lucy brought to Yilin support and encouragement as a friend, teacher Yuky rewirte for her in the process of her application for school, the academic vice President Tremayne provide the most patient answer for her... Now Yilin has graduated from sendelta for several years, but Sendelta will always be like her home, whenever she face any difficulties, Sendelta can always be her harbor, and teachers here are more like Yilin's most loyal partner, forever.

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