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  • In March of this year, Duke University, which is far away from the ocean, came up with a good news that all the teachers were very excited: Sendelta‘s graduate of 2015 -- Yang Yilin, has received the offer from Johns Hopkins Medical School! As some people know, American medical schools are extremely harsh on international students without a green card, and only fewer medical school given to international students offers during the annual application season.  In fact, the requirements of the American Medical School are extremely strict, not even mention the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, which is as famous as Harvard University. Duke university make Yilin meet a lot of friends who also interested in biomedicine and obtained many resources related to biomedicine. Knowi...
    2019 - 07 - 15
  • Offer:Carnegie Mellon University When I first came to Sendelta International Academy, I felt confident and relaxed. However, I realized that many of my peers had better quality and strength after being reminded by the teachers of the international class. Therefore, I constantly improved my ability in the process of learning and growing in the international class and chased my dream university. School life is colorful, it helps me meet a lot of schoolmates with a common goal and we could fight for it together. After three years of hard-working, I finally received the offer of my dream university. Thanks to Sendelta for helping me make my dream come ture!
    2019 - 07 - 13
  • Offer:University of Pennsylvania Tofel:110 SAT1:2330 SAT2:2400 Basic introduction:Monitor and vice President of student union.Model United Nations (MUN)Member of the school TV stationInternational skating awardsGood at piano, create his own music.Being a actor in advertisemnts.Won prizes in robot competitionDid research projects with Tsinghua Ph.D and published articles in international journals
    2019 - 07 - 13
  • Xiang Wenbo    Xiang WendaBefore applying to overseas universities, the twins brothers, Wenbo and Wenda, had obtained excellent scores in several courses, including full marks in SAT2 and AP7, 33 in ACT, and scores of 107 and 110 in toefl. Both of them were were admitted to the architecture department of Washington university in st. Louis.\n \nWenbo and Wenda are closed brothers, but they prefer to regard each other as competitors. \'we often compete with each other, and I want to catch up with him if I do well in the exam. When My grades get better, Wenbo will work harder, and gradually our grades are getting better and better.\' Wenda said.\n\nDespite the similar high scores and offers of same university, the brothers have never been labeled as \'Geek\', Mr. Xiang sai...
    2019 - 07 - 13
  • TOEFL 109,SAT1 2140 Offer:University of Wisconsin The days in Sendelta, I mastered solid writing and reading skills. These abilities was improved by some courses I learned in school, such as academic writing, AP literature, literature, etc. Even they are not related to Tofel and SAT exams, but also meaningful for my university study in future.
    2019 - 07 - 13
  • SIA academic representativeHelen holds a master's degree in international education from the University of Hong Kong. She has 10 years of international education experience. Her students were admitted by Ivy League Universities such as Princeton University, Stanford University, the University of Pennsylvania and Cornell University.
    2019 - 02 - 13
  • Tremayne  Gibson Tremayne has a bachelor degree in history from Harvard University and a master degree in international relations from Johns Hopkins University. Tremayne has worked at SIA since 2011. He is the academy's first history teacher, and designed the academy's first AP US History course, which was approved by the American College Board.
    2019 - 02 - 13
  • Yuky Sun, Director of College Counseling Department, VIP College Application CounselorEducational Background:· Master,University of Southern California · Bachelor, Sun Yat-sen UniversityExperiences:· Used to work for Asian Pacific American Dispute Resolution Center (APADRC)in Los Angeles, a well-known music studio in the United States as a music producer assistant and International Big Four Accounting Firms· Paid long-term attention on cross-cultural exchanges and had deep research on the application of American universities · Engaged in the US college counseling for many years with a good command of the admission rules of the US top 50 ...
    2019 - 01 - 18
  • Ding Wenyang: Life is endless and exploration is endlessOne Change For Ding Wenyang, from Science High School to sendelta International Academy, the biggest difference is that after entering the international system, his personal life, learning and thinking have undergone tremendous changes. Before turning to the International Academy, Ding Wenyang also asked his elders and sisters the same question: Will the three years of the international system be easier than the Chinese college entrance examination? The answer to this question is obvious: busy study and enrichment of life have made up Ding Wenyang's extraordinary three years in the International Academy of Sciences. It also gives her a new understanding of his own value and the meaning of life. It is clearer that people...
    2017 - 12 - 08
  • SIA Principal AssistantElla holds a master's degree in translation from Xiamen University and was formerly deputy director of the International Education Center of the Shenzhen Research Institute of Xiamen University. She has engaged in international education for many years, guiding students to study in overseas famous universities, including University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania, New York university, etc.
    2019 - 02 - 13
  • Lyn LamCollege Application Counselor, Shenzhen Campus, 4 yearsSenior College Application Consultant, 5 yearsEducational Background:· Master of Education (Child and Adolescent Development), Hong Kong Baptist University· Bachelor of Arts (English), Xiamen University· High School, Shenzhen Foreign Languages SchoolExperiences:· Capable of providing professional one-on-one planning on the student’s academic and non-academic background· Excel at essay upgrading and writing· Helped students receive offers from Columbia University, Johns Hopkins University, University of California—Los Angeles, Carnegie Mellon University, University of California—Santa Barbara, Boston College, Oberlin College, Richmond University, Brandeis University...
    2019 - 01 - 18
  • Andy Black Andy is a graduate of Lancaster University, where he majored in human geography. He has a CELTA certificate accredited by Cambridge University qualifying him to teach English Language Learners. Andy serves both the middle school and high school programs, serving as an English listening and speaking teacher as well as a literature instructor for students still learning the fundamentals of the English language. Out of the classroom, Andy also helps to run the football club.
    2019 - 01 - 18
  • constantly finds yourself and meets a better selfTOEFL: 114 pointsSAT: 1560AP: 9 subjects Kolby College, College of Arts and Sciences – rank 12Smith Women's College, College of Arts and Sciences – rank 12Vanderbilt University – rank 15University of California, Berkeley – rank 20University of Southern California – rank 23University of California, Los Angeles – rank 24University of North Carolina Chapel Hill – rank 30University of California, Santa Barbara – rank 37University of California, Davis – rank 44University of California, San Diego – rank 44 Exploring a Wider World Speaking of why to study abroad, Zhou gave many reasons at once. Part of the reason is that many friends have been affected by studying abroad. Part of the reason is that they have a good learning environme...
    2017 - 11 - 06
  • Tan | the only one got ED to the University of Pennsylvania(TOP8) University of Pennsylvania Complex The University of Pennsylvania, one of the eight major Ivy League schools in the United States, ranked eighth in the United States in 2017. This year, Tan from Xundeda International College experimental class stood out from the competition of 6147 students who applied for the school at the same time, becoming the only person in Shenzhen who received the olive branch from the school in ED application this year. When I first met Mr. Tan who dressed in Shenzhen’s school uniform, looks clean and neat, tall and straight, lively and sunny, he was polite and full of young people's unique vitality. He was gentle in the process of communication, being logically clear and actively...
    2017 - 11 - 06
  • He's in the center of the world, and he's also in the School of Architectural Design ranked No. 1 of the USNEWS'My school is in Manhattan, New York, which is the center of the world. What I most look forward to is that there will be various exhibitions in Manhattan. Because the school I will go to is pretty small hence has fewer Chinese people, I am looking forward to exchanging ideas and making friends with more students of different beliefs, skin colors and different countries in the world. Before leaving for The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art Cooper Union College in Manhattan, New York, Huang Kai was full of hope for the future. In the international class of Shenzhen Experimental School High School, students think highly of their academic achievements...
    2017 - 11 - 06
  • TOEFL/SAT instructorLucy is the director of the international department of Shenzhen Experimental School, a senior SAT grammar teacher and a tutor of learning and university entrance planning. Every year, many students have got full marks in SAT grammar under her guidance. She is good at combining students' current study with planning for further study in a scientific and reasonable way. With her teaching and guidance, the average SAT score of students in the international class of Shenzhen Experimental School is far higher than that of the top high school in the United States.
    2019 - 02 - 13
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