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  • Students Activity advisorRipple graduated from the University of Queensland, one of the 'Top Eight Universities' in the Ivy League in Australia, majoring in Tourism and Hotel Exhibition Management. With affinity and rich experience in organizing students' activities, Ripple has led the academy student union and student associations to carry out a number of competitions and background enhancement activities.
    2019 - 02 - 13
  • Jillian Webster Jillian is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University where she majored in history. She currently works in both the middle school and high school as a history and literature teacher.
    2019 - 01 - 18
  • Jennilee Fletcher “Jenni” is a graduate of Houghton College, where she majored in political science and rhetorical communications. She has over 7 years of teaching experience in Shenzhen. Much of her focus has been on ESL and history courses. Jenni serves as the head of Sendelta’s Humanities Department (which includes all history, literature, psychology, and economics classes) and she also teaching AP US History, British Literature, and Public Speaking. In past years, Jenni has also taught Art History and Academic Writing. Jenni has worked for Sendelta for over 3 years. Apart from teaching, she mentors the drama club and will also advise students on their college application essays.
    2019 - 01 - 18
  • Muhammad Akram Graduated from University of Southern Queensland, majoring in science and chemistry, Akram began teaching biology and environmental science at sundar in February 2018.The attitude toward science is rigorous and serious. His class is mostly student-centered and tries to guide students by asking questions. Students show their personal thinking to solve problems, which not only gives full play to students' subjective initiative, but also exercises students' ability to describe and explain problems.
    2019 - 01 - 18
  • Lawrence LewLawrence graduated from San Francisco State University with a bachelor degree in enterprise financial management and he has nearly ten years of teaching experience. Lawrence is good at using practical examples to lead students to understand complex economic principles in a simple way and he has a humorous classroom style. He has worked at Sendelta for 6 years.
    2019 - 02 - 13
  • Yini Liu Yini is a graduate of McMaster University, where she majored in Biochemistry - Biomedical Research Specialization. During undergraduate, her hard work has brought her a national award, the Chemistry Merit Awards, for her academic achievement. She also gained experience tutoring university-level students while studying. Currently she serves as a chemistry teacher for all levels (including AP & SAT) and she was also a biology teacher in previous years working with Sendelta. Yini enjoys teaching very much because she loves helping students to gain knowledge as well as being able to see growth in them. Outside of classroom, Yini enjoys playing sports with students and she is the Ping-Pong Club supervisor as well.
    2019 - 01 - 18
  • Kong Kyung Min (孔敬民/ 공경민) “Kay” is originally from South Korea. He is a graduate of Temple University (Philadelphia, USA) where he received his master’s degree in Trumpet Performance and Music Composition. He has over 10 years’ experience as the head performer of a symphony orchestra and has spent years teaching music to Korean, Japanese, American, and Chinese students. Kay now serves in both the middle and high school divisions, teaching AP Music Theory and introductory music theory and history courses. He also serves as a mentor to Sendelta’s school band.
    2019 - 01 - 18
  • Yurii graduated from Samui National University, majoring in physical education and has more than 10 years of experience in education. Yurii is a professional basketball player with experience in tennis teaching and training. He is good at instructing children in special basketball skills, making standard demonstration movements, physical fitness and professional physical training, and has unique opinion on basketball teaching methods and basketball culture. He is currently a physical education teacher at Sendelta.
    2019 - 02 - 13
  • Muhammad Husnain ZebZeb is a graduate of Pakistan's Jinnah University with a bachelor's degree in research-based physics. He is a versatile science talent who specializes in solving difficult problems in physics and mathematics. He teaches various techniques and methods to his students. He currently teaches AP physics and AP calculus at Sendelta.
    2019 - 02 - 13
  • CassieEducational Background:· Australia postgraduate education background Experiences:· Rich experience in U.S. Undergraduate and Graduate applications· Good at planning activities based on students’ personal characters and excavating students’ unique figures, enhancing their competitiveness· Helped numerous students to get offers from TOP 50 universities like Columbia University, University of California, Berkeley, University of California, Los Angeles, University of Southern California, New York University, etc.
    2019 - 01 - 18
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