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Sendelta International Academy is a pioneer in the field of international education in China, offering time-tested and highly effective American-style teaching methods and all the requisite educational resources needed prepare our students to gain admission to and succeed in elite international universities.


The community created by the Academy is a collection of extraordinary individuals. Every student’s unique personality and interests are respected and protected. All students are taught to respect, encourage, and learn from each other in all that they do so that they may all make progress together through positive interaction. The Academy respects the individual differences of each student and seeks to provide individualized instruction in accordance with each student’s aptitude. Sendelta strives to cultivate each student’s individual personality and encourages students to actively participate in the numerous social activities available—based on their own interests—as an additional means of developing their own specific potential. Such a learning environment provides opportunities for individual achievement and helps maintain a closely-knit, harmonious school community.


The Academy was originally founded as the international department of Shenzhen Experimental High School. Since its humble beginnings, Sendelta has concluded a number of cooperative partnerships with the international education programs of several other prominent Shenzhen high schools, including: Hongling Middle School, Shenzhen Science High School, Guangdong Experimental Middle School, Zhuhai No. 1 Middle School, and Changsha University of Science and Technology.


Sendelta graduates are now alumni and active students of many of the world's finest universities, including: Stanford, Columbia, University of Chicago, Duke, University of Pennsylvania, Cornell, UC Berkeley, University of Toronto, University of Melbourne, and Hong Kong University. 


SIA History

• In 2011, cooperated with Shenzhen Experimental School and Hongling Middle School to set up an international department;

• In 2012, established the international department in cooperation with the middle school department of Shenzhen Experimental School; Sendelta International Academy began to recruit students independently in Fushi campus.

• in 2013, cooperated with Guangdong Experimental Middle School and Zhuhai No.1 Middle School to set up an international department;

• Took over the international department of Shenzhen High School of Science in 2015;

• In 2016, all the teachers and students returned to the Fushi campus of Sendelta International Academy to reunite with the big family;

• In 2017, Alpha international talent class was opened;

• The junior high school was opened in 2018, and the admission rate to American top universities has been the highest for six consecutive years!

• The new campus of Sendelta officially open in 2019, and the middle school and high school also reunited in new campus.

The Training System

Sendelta focuses on the comprehensive development of students in and out of the classroom. We work hard to ensure every student is equipped with both the academic and interpersonal skills necessary to achieve their personal dreams and contribute to society. Building upon a solid academic foundation, our program integrates numerous opportunities for students to sharpen key skills essential for success in a competitive globalized world.


Academic in the Lead

During the eight years of running the academy, with its distinctive school-running characteristics, solid teaching management and excellent teaching quality, all the 826 graduates of the six sessions have entered the top 100 universities in the United States. Among the top 10, 30 and 50 universities in the United States, there are many students who are graduated from SIA. Moreover, many excellent students have successfully enrolled in the top American universities including the Ivy League universities.

America's Top 30 Admission List from SIA


Ability Enhancement

The academy provides our students with a broad platform and high-quality resources for background enhancement activities, and encourages them to participate in various activities inside and outside of campus, such as discipline competition, project research, literature and art sports, public welfare practice, and exchange with admission officers, so as to explore themselves and constantly surpass themselves.

SIA students won gold and silver medals both at home and abroad: for the FRC international robot challenge, team 6356 won the entrepreneurship award for two consecutive years, 6952 team won the rookie all-star award, advance to the national finals; SIA students has participated in the USAD decathlon for many consecutive years and won many medals in economics, social science, literature and art. CTB's 'magic conch' team spans four campuses and brings environmental protection concepts to Guizhou. The environmental protection project introduced the cooperation of two companies.

Public benefit activities reflect our students' sense of social responsibility and mission: the Music Club held a public benefit concert in Nanshan Recreation and Sports Center, and all the funds raised were donated to China Relief Fund. The Volunteer Union has successfully built a volunteer activity platform for students of Shenzhen International School. Xinyixing, Chemistry Hand in Hand and other activities will bring students' care to the surrounding communities and vulnerable groups.

Understand the frontier of the discipline and participate in scientific research work: cooperate with Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute to share top scientific research resources and cultivate future scientific research talents; Through the study of Tibetan antelope, soil research, Everest scientific research and other theme projects, the research theme will be brought to the plateau jungle, to explore nature, and think about the relationship between human and nature.

With the activity clubs as the starting point, it shows our students' outstanding leadership and social influence: the Heart and Star Club stands out from more than 600 clubs, and won the national Top 30 and global outstanding association honor with the fourth place, which enables all sectors of society to understand autism and pay attention to autistic children.

Interaction with world famous universities: our students visited the top laboratories in the 'Master's Hall' trip of Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and had academic exchanges with Nobel Prize professors; As an important source of students for the prestigious universities in the United States, admissions officers from the University of Chicago, Cornell University, Vanderbilt University and many other prestigious universities will come to China every year to visit Sendelta International Academy.


One-on-one planning helps students understand how to develop appropriate high school goals by breaking down their ultimate academic goals (their “dream schools”) into shorter-term goals that are achievable and measurable. For upperclassmen, we guide course selection based on each student’s specific interests and abilities, to ensure the maximum fulfillment of future academic prerequisites.


One-on-one coaching also helps students unearth their special interests and clarify them into a workable extracurricular activities plan.


The one-on-one coaching and planning not only helps the academy’s graduates achieve laudable academic accomplishments, but also, through carefully selected extracurricular activities, greatly enhances their self-confidence and independence as they mature into young adults.


In its eight-year history, the Academy has assmebled a group of experienced and highly-qualified teachers who all share a love of learning and teaching. Stable management and teaching teams ensure that students consistently receive a high-quality education.


Our faculty consists of foreign teachers from nations across the globe, bilingual Chinese nationals that have returned having completed study for advanced degrees in prestigious American, British and Hong Kong universities, as well as experienced local Chinese. It serves as the ideal model for international curriculum instruction.


SIA teachers are graduates from such prestigious universities as Harvard University, the University of Virginia, the University of Southern California, the University of Toronto, McMaster University, Lancaster University, University of Bath, Queensland University, the University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, etc and they have rich experiences in international education. The faculty-student ratio at SIA is about 1:4. 

Foreign teachers: to improve our students' English skills through the original American class, cultivate students' critical thinking, and train students' problem-solving ability.

Returnee teachers and teaching assistants: They are graduates from famous universities with years of teaching experience. Being familiar with Chinese characteristics of running schools and students' learning methods, they feel at ease to find teaching methods that meet Chinese students' characteristics and improve their academic standards and quality. The teaching assistants provide after-class guidance, check the omission and make up the deficiency, pay attenttion to our students growth attentively.

In keeping with our educational philosophy of “a better self for a better society,” our faculty and staff are constantly learning and challenging themselves in their work, constantly reinventing their lesson plans to include ever more effective and engaging teaching methods and interactive experiences. Many have completed and are continuing to pursue advanced degrees and professional development trainings to stay up to date with the latest advances in educational pedagogy and in their particular fields of study. Every faculty member also serves as an adviser to a student club, a role through which they help the next generation of global citizens find their own ways to personally grow and effect positive change on the world.


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