Campus Facilities

Sendelta International Academy (SIA) is located in ShiyanTangtou Avenue, Baoan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. The campus is on the west of Yangtai Montain Forest Park and the northeast of Tiegang Reservoir. It covers an area of more than 20,000 square meters, with school buildings of 30,000 square meters, including teaching building, comprehensive office building, student dormitory building, apartment building, library, football field, basketball court, badminton court and indoor gym.


Campus Facilities

The American middle school has high standard hardware facilities, safe and orderly student management system, comfortable student living environment, top class student activity space... You can experience all of these at SIA!

Campus Facilities

The academy is a large collective, thus safe and orderly student management is the key to the efficient operation of the collective. In order to ensure the safety of students in the new campus, SIA has introduced the domestic top security system to escort the safety of our students.


Student management

Top video monitoring system

The new campus of SIA adopts a top video monitoring system of the same specification as Shenzhen Ping'an Mansion, which will conduct all-round 24-hour monitoring of the student activity area, canteen, teaching area and outdoor activities to monitor the campus dynamics in time, deal with emergencies efficiently and ensure the safety of all teachers and students in the school.

Imported environment-friendly materials

The indoor walls and floors of the new campus are made of environment-friendly materials imported from world-renowned PVC flooring manufacturer and flooring supplier - the Gerflor Group from France.

The world famous brand of PVC floor, the Gerflor Group, headquartered in Lyon, France. Through more than 70 years of production experience in PVC floor materials, Gerflor group has established its leading position in the world. Gerflor wall, floor materials are non-toxic, no odor, and got the green buliding materials certificate from the United States, and is safe and harmless to the human body and the environment.

Campus Facilities

Campus Facilities

Campus Facilities

Campus Facilities

Campus Facilities

Campus Facilities

Campus Facilities

Campus Life

The school is the student's second home. This home should not only be safe, but also be warm and comfortable. In order to ensure the living environment of students, the new campus of SIA is equipped with high standard A-level canteen and comfortable modern dormitory.



High standard A-level canteen

The SIA new campus canteen is built in strict accordance with Shenzhen A-level canteen construction management standards. The canteen is divided into processing area, kitchen, food preparation room, cleaning room, warehouse and other working areas. The canteen staff must wear work clothes and hats. The cleaning, cutting and matching should be according to the strict operational norms. There are cameras in the canteen to monitor all processes, and the kitchen waste is processed in a unified way, so as to ensure the cleanliness of the inside and outside and the canteen's environmental hygiene.

Modern student accommodation

The students' dormitory of the new campus of SIA is designed for 4-6 students per room, with north-south all-transparent and good lighting. Each dormitory is equipped with 2 independent toilets, and the bed adopts the design of the table under the bed, so that students can enjoy the most comfortable and convenient learning and living environment.

Campus Facilities

Campus Facilities

Campus Activities

In addition to studying at SIA, our students put a lot of effort into school, personal and community activities. In order to meet the needs of students, the academy is equipped with the top domestic theater and gym, so that our students can enjoy high-quality performance experience and exercise on campus.

High Standard Small theater

On SIA's new campus, the final touches are being put on a small, state-of-the-art theater. The small theater uses the sound system of the National Atadium (Bird's Best) level and the lighting system of Shenzhen Kylin Villa level, providing students with high-standard venues for plays, concerts and evening parties.


Audio System

The sound is as clear as 'whispering in your ear', which is the requirement for the sound system of Jackie Chan's Bird's Nest concert in 2009.

In order to meet our students' requirements for sound system in various kinds of performances, SIA invited the designer of Jackie Chan's Bird's Nest concert sound system in 2009 to design and install the sound system in the theater. The sound system of the theater has a strong power reserve, and uses special speakers to guarantee the fullness and clarity of the timbre, giving the actors and the audience in the theater unparalleled auditory enjoyment.

The Lighting System

High-quality professional theater stage lighting enables our students to play their best on the stage, and the audience can truly and clearly see the dynamics on the stage.

Because of the importance of stage lighting, SIA invited Shenzhen Civic Center and Shenzhen Kylin Villa lighting designer - Yage company to design the theater lighting, to provide the best scene effect and pictures for the actors and  audiences.

Multi-functional gym

'The body is the capital of the revolution', only a strong body can guarantee us the world's top universities! The new campus of SIA is equipped with a fully functional and advanced gym for our students. In addition to the regular running area and weight lifting area, there are also fencing area and squash courts, etc.

Campus Facilities

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