Education Goals 

to Run the Best American High School in China

Sendelta International Academy is commited to provide the first-class pure American high school education for the students interested in attending top American universities for further education. Up until this year, the academy has trained 715 excellent graduates to enter the world famous universities for six consecutive years. In the near future, the academy will continue to maintain the unique advantages, to become one of China's most influential international first-class school.

Educational concept 

“A Better Self for a Better Society”

In adherence to our guiding principle of “a better self for a better society,” the Sendelta educational concept fosters a deep sense of global citizenship and encourages each student to develop his or her unique strengths to benefit society and humanity at large. Its goal is to mold a new generation of international academic elites who are able to access the best learning experiences of both China and the West and who, in an increasingly globalized world, are capable of succeeding and feel at home where ever they go.

The Academy constantly challenges all students to broaden their horizons, go beyond their comfort zones, seek opportunities to apply to life what they have learned at school, and constantly innovate—actions that all serve to deliver superior academic performance. From passionate classroom debates to breakthroughs in the laboratory, from victories on the field to performances on the stage, we believe student development knows no limits and that excellence is best pursued in all endeavors.

Educational Objectives

Ability Improvement

Sendelta International Academy pays attention to the all-round development of students both inside and outside the classroom. In addition to the solid academic foundation, the academy also train our students necessary skills for future competition. The academy offers our students background promotion platform and high quality resources, encourage them to engage in subject competition, research projects, culture and art shows, sports activities, public welfare practice, admissions officer exchange and other face-to-face activities to explore continuously surpass themselves.

Individual Development

Every student has his / her own talent. We encourage our students not only to explore the outside world, but also to explore themselves, to surpass themselves and to be better selves. On the way of students' growth, the academy provides them with a broad platform and rich resources, gives each student the strongest support, and accompanies them to complete their growth and transformation.

International Perspective

China is embracing the world's development with an increasingly open attitude. At the same time, our students will get to know their classmates from all over the world after entering overseas universities, and they will have different experiences, backgrounds, and cultures. In the process of cross-cultural communication, we should keep an open mind, respect the cultures and traditions of various countries, regions and nations, pay attention to the current situation and development of the world, and show the unique style and charm of the Chinese students on the world stage.

China Mood

In the multi-culture environement abroad, the self-identity cannot be ignored, and the identity is closely related to the cultural identity. No matter where they are in the world, the Chinese students share the same Chinese sentiment which is deeply rooted in their own culture. Only by maintaining our own cultural cognition,  can we better integrate into the foreign society and not go with the flow or lose the foundation.

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