Alex Liu, SIA founder

Founder of AP class in high school of Shenzhen Experimental School

Bachelor of physics, Peking University

PhD in Computer Science from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (top 5 in Computer Science in the US)  

US university professor and doctoral supervisor 

I've been thinking about what kind of students we need to cultivate. Many people believe that a good teaching philosophy is to let children finish three years of high school, go to a famous university for further study, and then become innovative talents, management talents, leadership talents, mathematicians, physicists, scientists and other scientists.

However, I believe that a good educational concept should not have a fixed goal, but should stimulate the potential of students, so that they have internal motivation, and then become a better self. In this process, we do not want to limit children too much or give them various rules and regulations.

We should not limit what a student should learn and what direction to go in the beginning, but guide and encourage students to choose what kind of talent they want to become according to their own interests and characteristics, so as to maximize the potential of a student. We should encourage diversified development, do not easily deny any possibility of any student, so that students can find and achieve themselves.

We encourage our students to develop in a diversified way. In addition to the academic ability of students, we also attach great importance to the personality and characteristics of each student. On our campus, there are the most diverse student groups and the most inclusive learning environment and atmosphere.

So why do we train our children to become various experts and social elites?

In my opinion, no matter it is higher education or secondary education, the students cultivated should not be delicate egoists, but someone who can keep growing themselves, and in the process of growing themselves, they can care about the society and make contributions to the society. Educators need to think about what children can do for the society as they grow up. I hope that in the process of achieving a better self, our students can learn to care for others, so as to build a better society.

I pay great attention to the extracurricular activities, the quality education and all-round development of our students. On the way of growth, we should encourage our children to explore and grow by themselves. Our children do not do extracurricular activities just to go to college or meet the requirements of college requiremetns, but to improve themselves through extracurricular activities. I hope to pass on my teaching philosophy to every student and his/ her parents and help them to a greater extent.

I have always admired the spirit of the historic National Southwestern Associated University. In just eight years, the university had become a highlight in the history of education in China and the world. In that special era, the National Southwestern Associated University told all the teachers and students to be 'resolute and persistent'. It kept on its spirit in the environment of material shortage, not only preserving the cultural blood of the our country, but also bringing up a large number of outstanding talents in China. Why is that?

Professor Mei Yiqi said that 'the so-called universities are not those great buildings, but those who have great masters'. A good education is based on knowledge and the curriculum system, which can inspire the individual and common ideals and enthusiasm for the world of all the teachers and students in the school, which cannot be brought by material things. While inheriting and practicing the educational philosophy of our predecessors, we are also realizing our own educational dream. We strive tirelessly to build a good school and cultivate a generation of top talents.

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